Benefits of Installing Night Light Outlets in Your Home

Home upgrades have been all the rage over the last year, with people spending extra time in their homes due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But not everyone has time for a total home makeover. Perhaps you want to do something simple to make your home a little bit safer and provide some extra functionality. Installing a night light outlet in every room of your home may be just the thing. Here’s why.

Floor-Illuminating Glow

Outlet covers with built-in nightlights typically have illumination located along the bottom of the wall plate. This provides a soft, subtle glow right where you need it most—on the floor. When you’re walking through your home at night, you want to be able to see where you’re stepping without being blinded by overhead lights. A night light outlet makes sure you can get around safely with gentle downwards illumination.

Replace Damaged Covers

If you have outlet covers that are cracked, broken, or yellowed with age, this might be a good time to upgrade all of those cover plates anyways. Of course, they don’t all need to be illuminated wall plates. (You probably don’t need the space behind your TV to be glowing every night.) But replacing your old and damaged outlet covers with new ones is the perfect time to get that extra illumination too. It’s a win-win situation.

Comfort Scared Kids

It’s normal for kids to be scared of the dark. If you have children in your house, they might be scared of entering any room on their own without the lights on. As frustrating as this may be for you as a parent, it’s essential to be patient and understand this natural fear and offer simple ways to cope with it. An illuminated outlet cover in each room can provide enough light so that your kids are comfortable stepping into the room on their own to turn on the light. They can also be put in children’s rooms for soothing illumination all night.

Get Outlet Space Back

Perhaps you already use night lights in your home. If so, how many outlets are you using up for them? How often do you find yourself unplugging night lights during the day to make room for a charger, vacuum, or other items that need the outlet? And when you do that, how often do you find yourself forgetting to plug the night light back in, only to end up stumbling around in the dark later? When you get a night light outlet, you can get the nighttime illumination you need without taking up any outlet space.


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