Deciding between Gas and Electric Tankless Water Heaters

Many homeowners are opting to switch to a tankless hot water heater in Sacramento, CA. These units provide a more consistent, dependable supply of hot water and are usually more energy-efficient. Like their standard counterparts with storage tanks, tankless water heaters are available in both gas and electric models. Which one is better? Keep reading to learn the differences between the 2.

Upfront Cost

The first thing you’ll probably look at when deciding between these two models is the upfront cost. Electric hot water heaters will have a much lower price tag, with some costing less than $1,000. A gas-powered one is probably going to cost you somewhere around $3,000. But don’t stop reading just yet. Gas water heaters have some excellent benefits to make up for that difference in upfront expenses.

Cost Savings

Gas tankless water heaters have lower monthly operating costs than electric water heaters, simply because of the lower price of natural gas. Additionally, if you’re switching from a gas water heater with a tank to a tankless gas water heater, you’ll see a more dramatic swing in your monthly utility bills; they’ll save you about $108 per year while switching from an electric water heater with a tank to one without a tank will only save you about $44 a year.

Operation in a Power Outage

If power outages are relatively common in your area, it’s worth it because a gas water heater will continue to operate in the event of a blackout. An electric water heater, of course, will not. Rolling blackouts are not unheard of in the Sacramento area, so if this is something you’re concerned about, you may want to choose a gas heater so that you’re not left in the dark and with cold water.

Heat-Up Times

Tankless water heaters are popular because they provide a more consistent supply of hot water. And while both gas and electric models will give you a steady supply, they also come with various first hour ratings (FHR). The FHR on a tankless water heater tells you how much hot water it can produce in the first hour of use. While you can indeed find an electric water heater with a high FHR, gas models tend to be rated higher, as they can heat up faster than their electric counterparts.

Your Home’s Wiring

For most homeowners, the final decision between a gas and electric water heater is based on what your home is currently wired for. If you currently have a gas water heater, a gas tankless heater is probably what you’ll want; the same goes if you have an electric model now. While you can rewire your home to accommodate any model, this is an added expense.

If you’re looking for a new hot water heater in Sacramento, CA, be sure to weigh all the pros and cons to determine the best option for you.


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