Five lawn maintenance tasks to take care of before winter

If you want to keep your lawn in the best possible shape, it’s important to keep up on seasonal maintenance tasks. Winter is quickly approaching in Denver. As a Denver resident, you know that winters in this area typically involve extreme weather. Preparing your lawn for the upcoming cold weather is essential for optimal landscaping around your home.

The following are five lawn maintenance tasks to take care of in the coming weeks before the cold weather and snow arrive.

Mow your lawn

Your lawn will gradually start growing more slowly as the weather cools down. You don’t want to leave your lawn grass too long going into the winter. That’s why choosing the right date for your last mowing is important.

Stop mowing when you’re sure that your lawn isn’t likely to grow considerably for the rest of the season. If possible, it’s best to continue mowing until all leaves and vegetation have fallen over your lawn. This way, fall leaves and debris won’t be able to smother your lawn.

Excessively long grass in your lawn and vegetation over top of our lawn over the winter can lead to problems like a fungal growth.

Aerate your lawn

Aerating your lawn is another important fall maintenance task. Aerating your lawn helps it to get enough air to stimulate growth and overall health. Aerating is also important to break up compaction. This compaction can make it harder for lawn grass to grow.

Fertilize your lawn

The fall is also a great time to fertilize your lawn to restore nutrients. During the growing season, your lawn can absorb much of the nutrients in the soil. By the end of the growing season, your lawn can therefore be lacking in nutrients.

When you fertilize in fall, your lawn grass can build up nutrients and become fortified for the long winter.

Stop irrigating or watering

It’s a good idea to continue to water your lawn into October. However, you will want to gradually cut back on watering as the weather starts to cool down and lawn growth starts to slow.

Remove fallen leaves and vegetation

Perhaps the most important fall lawn maintenance task you need to take care of is removing debris. You don’t want to leave fallen leaves and other vegetation debris sitting on your lawn all winter. This debris could create an obstacle for your lawn’s growth and cause parts of your lawn to become sparse.

Be sure to rake your lawn after all leaves have fallen and keep your lawn surface is free from debris as possible going into the winter.

You can have these pre-winter maintenance taken care of professionally by a Lakewood Lawn Service that is close and convenient.  Make sure you prepare your lawn for winter every fall so that your landscaping looks better and better each year.

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