Five unusual advantages to growing houseplants

Adding houseplants into the design of your space can be a great way to add natural beauty while not spending too much cash. Many modern cutting edge designs incorporate indoor plants into the overall scheme of interior design in the most expensive homes. Plants can obviously make a space more attractive, but are there any other advantages to placing houseplants in your home?

The answer is yes. There are multiple advantages to growing houseplants in your home and every home should have some plants!

Not all of us have the luxury of having bright sunny windowsills to place plants on or near. However, even for those of us with dimmer living spaces, there are plants available that can thrive with little light. There are many low light plants for indoor gardening available for almost any room.

Now, on to the advantages:

Plants Improve Air Quality

Some studies on house plants in relation to the sustainable improvement of indoor air quality have shown that the plants act to remove pollutants from indoor air. The effect of this is healthier indoor air for us to breathe. Plants are an underused and sustainable solution to assist in cleaning our air. By the simple act of growing and taking care of house plants, we can improve our environment.

Plants Improve your Health

Horticulture Experts claim that having plants in your home can serve to improve both your physical and mental well being. There is the potential for plants to even go so far as to promote healing and enhance therapeutic care.

Plants Add Humidity to your Home

Remember all those times you watered your plants? Your plant takes the water it is fed and releases it naturally into the air. This process puts more moisture in the air, making it more humid and easier to breathe. Particularly if plants are placed in bedrooms, having the air properly humidified can assist in giving you a good night’s sleep.

Plants save you Money on Electric Bills

As discussed above, plants improve your air quality and add humidity to your home. How does this save you money on your electric bill? Due to plants serving the purpose of providing clean air, you avoid having to use an air purifier or humidifier. By utilizing plants to fulfill these functions instead of small appliances, you are saving electricity. You will also save the money that you would have spent on an air purifier or humidifier as the house plants provide an inexpensive alternative to these gadgets.

Plants Reduce Stress and Improve Productivity

Your environment is important to how you feel and to your ability to focus. In the past, humans spent much of their time outdoors. You may have experienced the relaxation that a walk in the woods or stroll through the fields can bring you. In modern times, more than 85% of a person’s daily life is spent indoors. This explains why it is so important to have some greenery in our indoor spaces. Interacting with plants inside our homes can bring us a similar measure of peace and tranquility. Scientific studies have been done that support this and further even recommend that plants be placed where people are spending the majority of their time.

As you have read for yourself, house plants provide more benefits than just being good to look at. Plants can improve our home environments in numerous ways beyond just good interior design.

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