Getting Back To Work and School: What Is Needed?

As schools and workplaces begin to reopen after the initial spikes of Coronavirus cases, many people are questioning the wisdom and the thoroughness of precautions. No one wants to see a second or third wave of cases, especially as flu season approaches. What is needed to keep people and communities safe from coronavirus as the economy attempts to get started again?


First of all, certain services need to be widely available before you can open safely. Personal protective equipment should be easily available and widely used. You may need to make sure there are services providing Covid-19 decontamination Washington DC or your area. Testing is crucial as well. Tests need to be widely available, and the results needs to be available rapidly.


All of these services play a part in getting new cases under control, which is incredibly important when you’re considering going back to school or work. Without the proper equipment, services and testing available, you’re unlikely to see your new case and mortality numbers dipping low enough to really allow a return to normalcy.


All of this relies on citizens peacefully cooperating with some restrictions now, in order to save lives later. This is perhaps the hardest and most difficult point to reach and maintain because it relies on individual citizens willingly taking uniform steps. Many of these steps are inconvenient, uncomfortable and go against our natural instincts.

There is no completely perfect solution to a complex and completely unprecedented problem like the coronavirus pandemic. There certainly aren’t any easy solutions or simple fixes. What you do have access to are best practices and constantly improving information on what works best. You cannot be expected to know what is the right or wrong choice, but there is no excuse to do anything less than the best you can do with the best information you have.

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