How to mount a TV on a wall

Wall mounting a TV is an effective way of making your home entertainment area look aesthetic and well-designed. Once a brand-new TV set is in your house, the next step taken by most is to mount it on the wall. Wall mounting a TV set requires skill and knowledge about what needs to be done. Let’s look at the step followed in wall-mounting a TV set.

Items required

  • Stud finder
  • Painters tape
  • Power drill
  • Level
  • TV mount
  • Various drill bits
  • A partner
  1. Select the place you would want to mount your TV on

The ideal location for a TV set is one from where the picture quality is best and from where the largest audience can view. The center of focus like the fireplace will be the right wall to mount the TV on.

  1. Identify any wall studs with a stud finder

Identify and mark the places where wall studs are present.

  1. Identify the pilot holes and then drill in the holes

Pilot holes are places where mounting screws can be screwed in. Hold the mount straight against the wall. Then, use a level to make places where you will be drilling in holes and then drill in the holes.

  1. Fix the mounting brackets

Hole the muting bracket against the wall and drill in the screws.

  1. Fix the mounting plate behind the TV

After removing the stand from the TV, attach the mounting plate on the mounting plate holes at the back. These holes are often covered with plastic or have screws in them. Remove these before you proceed.

  1. Mount the TV

Align the mounting plate at the back of the TV and the bracket on the wall. Then, attach the two following the instructions given in the instructional manual. One cannot do this alone. To hold the TV in place, you would need a partner.

  1. It is time to manage the cables

Cable clutter is very unsightly and to get rid of that, you should hide them behind the wall or use a wire cover.

  1. Now, it’s time to sit back and enjoy!

While it is not impossible to do it yourself, seeking the aid of professionals is always better. You do not want to ruin your newly painted wall or the brand-new TV set you just bought. TV mounting services are available for this and TV Mounting in Los Angeles is greatly assisted by such professionals. TV installation One in Los Angeles for example provides efficient assistance with qualified technicians who focus on details and aim towards proficiency. These professionals are prepared to set up your theater, install visual and audio devices, sound systems etc. TV installation One can also help you in mounting and remounting TVs.

Professional services are available elsewhere as well. If you have are having trouble mounting your TV, you can turn to the experts!

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