How to tell your family that you are moving

So, you are not sure how to tell your family and close friends that you are moving…Hmmmm

News of your move will lead your loved ones to a wide range of different emotions. This will be a journey for them from sadness and shock to confusion and joy, so you need to spill this news very carefully.

That is why it’s important to convey your excitement about the move, and you have to care about their sad feelings as well. Here are a few tips for telling family and friends that you’re moving without making them upset.

·        Find a sensible way to inform them about the big news:

You have to deal sensibly while informing them about your new nest. There is an old but highly effective way to break this big news. Send a new address announcement to your friends and family through snail mail to inform them about your moving. A special card written and mailed by you to them really helps a lot to neutralize their sad feelings. It is a gesture from your side to make them feel special and a way to help them in making up their mind for this significant change in your life.

·        It is good to tell your family and close friends in advance:

Though you have another option to send we have moved card to the people closest to you, but telling them earlier before moving is a better option in many ways. Keeping this news secret can make it harder for them to say goodbye to you. Informing them sooner will help them to compose their self, and they will surely help you in packing and making things windup in a better way.

·        Understand their feelings:

Sometimes you may observe that the feelings of your family and friends won’t be over-the-moon excited about you moving. This is quite a reasonable response. Of course they will be happy for you, but don’t expect unnatural happiness from their side. Even you will also feel the same sadness, anxiety, and disappointment for leaving your close friend or family members. Help them cope with the news by sending a moving card with a letter or note that expresses your deep love and care for them.

·        Throwing a goodbye party is also a good idea:

When time to move gets closer, arrange a goodbye party for your close friends and family in a bar, restaurant, or anywhere else you like. Throwing a goodbye party is a beautiful way to officially say farewell to your family, friends, and coworkers. Expecting a farewell party form others is not a good idea. Throw goodbye party from your side to help them say goodbye to you gladly.

·         Share details about your new address:

You have to inform your closer ones about your new address details. Sending ‘’new address cards’’ or ‘’just moved cards’’ have this advantage also that you can share complete information about your new residence easily. These cards make it so easy for both sides about the new location with complete details that are required.

To send a moving card offers a beautiful collection of new address and just moved cards to help you in contemporary style. With a fantastic variety of designs, colors, and font styles, you can get customized moving cards.

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