Make Your Summers Cool with Hitachi ACs  

For summer, all you need is lemonade and an air conditioner to cool down your space. What can be better than the amazing range of efficient air conditioners from Hitachi Cooling and Heating? When the temperature rises, summer fun starts to fizzle, especially indoors. An air conditioner is no more a luxury as global warming has increased the temperature to unbearable levels during summer. If you are looking for an air conditioner this summer, Hitachi is the right name. You get an advanced technology, affordable and packed with features model that can give you the best performance. Buy air conditioner and enjoy all the best features.

  • Hitachi Kiyora RSPG512HEXA 1 TON: This is a split AC that has a capacity of 1 ton. It is an amazing model that comes with the best features that you can look for. It is affordable and comes with great benefits and warranty deals. Are you excited to go through the various features? Take a look then. It includes the iconic wave design, silent surround air, expandable inverter, Tropical Inverter, ambient lighting, Copper tubes, Stabilizer Free Operation 100%, filter clean indicator, high CFM, Penta sensor, and superfine mesh filter. Do you already love it? Go, and buy the best air conditioner for effective cooling this summer!
  • Hitachi Shizen RSRG318IEEA 1.5 TON: this is a split AC from Hitachi Cooling and Heating. It is a premium inverter air conditioner that helps you with uniform cooling. You get silent, odour free and cool air surrounding with this model. It is packed with immense benefits that give you the right value for your money. If you need the best-performing model for your home, you can go for this. It comes with auto filter cleaning Technology, I sense, 4-way air swing, tropical inverter, SuperSlit Fins, Stabiliser Free Operation, ambient lighting, Tropical Inverter, Technology100%, superfine mesh filter, and stainless steel coated filters. Bring home this amazing product so that you get to have the best experience.
  • Hitachi Zunoh RAFG312HEDO 1 TON: The Zunoh range of air conditioners from Hitachi Cooling and Heating is the best one to have. You would love summer with this amazing cooling device in your room. It looks amazing and gives you the best too. It comes with silent air, surrounding air, odour free air, tropical design; inner grooved copper tubes, SuperSlit Fins, and superfine mesh filter. If you are looking out for this amazing model, you would love the price. It all your needs and offers you an enhanced experience.
  • Hitachi summer QC RAV518EEDO 1.5 Ton AC: This model is a beautiful window AC from the Summer QC Range by Hitachi Cooling and Heating . The summer range is designed to give a uniform range of cooling and you experience the best feeling with this. This one comes with all the features like high CFM, superfine mesh filter, auto clean filter. With surround air, filter clean indicator, power index, Kaimin function, twin motor technology and twin airflow it is perfect for your cooling needs.

A cool and comfortable summer is not a myth anymore. You can now get hold of a Hitachi Cooling and Heating air conditioner and beat the heat. This will give you the best experience for a lifetime, so buy the best air conditioner. 


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