Reasons Why Your Toilet Will Not Flush

So, you decide to flush your toilet and the next thing you realize is that the water is just about the spill over the side and onto the floor. For that brief moment in time, it seems like time just stops. Your mind is racing with everything that is about to go wrong. You stress out over the water issue and the germs that about to invade. And you might even think that it is time to rip out the old and install a completely new toilet system. But that decision will end up costing you a lot of money. Here are some reasons why your toilet isn’t flushing.

Top Reasons Why Your Toilet Will Not Flush Correctly

A toilet with flushing problems is a common issue for many people today. There are times when things just wear out and need to be replaced. But knowing what can cause the problem will help you isolate and fix the malfunction.

  • The first that usually goes wrong with the toilet is that the handle will stop functioning properly. There is an amazing part of the tank that has to work in tandem with the handle. If the handle is bent or broken on the inside the toilet will not flush correctly. You may also find that the handle has broken away from the lever or pull chain. In this case, the entire handle will need to be replaced.
  • Another reason why your toilet will not flush is that the water level might be too low. It takes a certain amount of water pressure to move the water over the trap. If there is not enough water, then the toilet will just spin and not empty itself the way it is designed to do.
  • You may also find that the stopper in the bottom of the toilet is not performing well any longer as it lets all the water run out. When this happens, the toilet will not fill all the way to the top of the tank which means it will not flush correctly. To fix this issue you will want to replace the flapper with a new one.
  • Clogs are another leading cause of why a toilet will not flush. Drains are designed to handle just about anything that you can put through them. But once in a while a clog can form and stop the water from draining all the way. You will need to hire the services of a professional to come and clear the clog.
  • You might also find that there is an issue with your drain line. Many times, a root or dirt will find its way into the pipe which can keep it from working properly. At this point, a professional will be needed to determine the best course of action to either clear the line or replace it altogether.

The toilet is the choice way of getting solid waste and soiled liquids out of your home. If the unit is malfunctioning, you will need to call for help and let the professionals get you back up and running.

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