Why contacting a manufacturer to get expansion joints?

Over time, concrete can crack. This creates an irregular and not very stable slab. This means that the solidity of the structure it maintains is not the same anymore. Besides time, other reasons may also impact the concrete, such as ambient humidity, temperature variations, etc. However, this change in size creates fragile areas which seriously influence the mechanical strength of the concrete. Eventually, this can create cracks and weak the slab. The expansion joint is used to compensate for the movement of the concrete and therefore to avoid the phenomenon of cracking (or prevent its spread to the entire slab). It absorbs the forces inside of the material.

The different activities of a professional manufacturer

As an expansion joints manufacturer, which also provides joint covers and fire protection systems, the main activities are about designing and marketing effective technical solutions adapted to any type of building. With their experience, they are generally well-know and required by other private and professional consumers. Their range of joint covers includes different models in PVC or aluminum, for example. Besides, they contribute to the fire protection of buildings. Finally, their expansion joints for vertical or horizontal applications are made for the most common applications. Their targets are educational or medical establishments, industrial premises, apartments, shopping centers, stations, airports or leisure centers. The expansion joint differs from other joints by its width of at least 6 mm and is generally located in the middle of the room. The purpose of the Expansion joints in buildings is to divide the room into two independent parts thanks to an adapted profile. This expansion space is also used to separate rooms, a house from an extension, etc. To fulfill its role, the expansion joint must be stretched up to the screed and must be laid in the thickness of the adhesive mortar and the tiling.

The advantages of calling a professional manufacturer

You may want to put the expansion joints yourself. However, as this is precise technical work, it is always better to call on an expert. In fact, you cannot directly buy the joints you want and install them your way. Above everything, the expert must study the needs of your building for a few hours before proposing solutions and a quote. As with all work, you must first make sure that the support is clean and healthy. To do this, you will have to clean your tiles, starting with a good sweep. If stains persist, wash them with a sponge. If your tiles have just been laid, you will have to wait for the tile adhesive to dry before cleaning. And when your tiling is clean, you have to wait for it too to be completely dry to go to the next step. Prepare the special expansion joint mortar according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Then, pour the mortar between the tiles, making sure to fill to a good thickness. You will have to use the squeegee to penetrate the joint. And finally, smooth the joint with your finger or the squeegee.


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