4 Ways to Address Beach Erosion

Beach erosion is the bane of many seaside properties, homes and communities. Rising sea levels and frequent, severe storms have accelerated the problem. Twenty years ago, hightide could have been hundreds of feet away, but due to beach erosion, it may be up to the front door of your vacation home. Here are some options to consider as you and […]

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Questions To Ask Your Fencing Company

Fences provide safety and privacy, and they increase your property value. However, you need a high-quality fence provided by a reliable, knowledgeable fencing contractor. If you need to install a fence, you are probably researching local fencing companies. These are questions you should ask these businesses. Can I See Your Licensing and Insurance? Before you hire any fencing services Spring […]

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5 Tips for Decorating Your Patio

A patio can be a great place to enjoy the outside space of your home. Large or small, patios can house grills, furniture, a fire pit, among other things. To really take your patio to the next level, adding some fun decorations and features is a must. Shelter Retractable patio covers can help your patio stay accessible no matter what the […]

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