4 Simple Tips For Clean Carpets When You Have Dogs

Your carpet may serve as the centerpiece of your home living room or den, but your dog doesn’t know that. In fact, it can seem like your pets want nothing but to destroy all your carpets along with any other type of flooring for your home. Dogs are messy animals prone to accidents and shedding, which is why introducing your pet to your brand new carpet may present a bit of a challenge at first. However, if you’re a proud dog owner, don’t despair. Taking your rug in to the best hilton head carpet cleaning service is only one way to keep your rug looking and smelling its best while sharing space with a puppy or adult dog. From simple tips like keeping your dog’s paws clean to making sure you’re using the right pet spray, you can easily find ways to allow your dogs and your treasured home rug to coexist in peaceful harmony. If you’re worried about your dog finding a way to completely wreck your home carpeting, here are a few things to try.

1. Keep Your Dog Clean

If you’re training a puppy not to destroy everything in its sight, you may despair of ever seeing a clean carpet on your floors again. But remember: A clean carpet starts with a clean dog. If you let your dog run around after a muddy walk or even a trip outside during drizzly weather, you’re going to end up cleaning a huge mess that could have easily been avoided. If you have a smaller dog, try investing in rain booties that fit easily over your pup’s feet to avoid contact with rain, dirt, and mud. While larger dogs might not be as receptive to this, these tiny casings can provide a perfect solution for messy, muddy paw prints in your home. Simply slide on the booties before taking your dog for a walk and remove them before entering the house. You can also try being extra diligent about cleaning your dog’s paws after he’s been outside. Don’t go halfway: A dog can hold a truly stunning amount of dirt and grit between its paws, and even if your dog’s feet look clean, chances are they’re still tracking in a fair amount of bacteria and grime every time they wander in from the outdoors.

2. Install Mats at Entryways

The idea of a welcome mat is simple. It provides guests with an easy way to wipe off their feet before entering your home. If you already have these set up around the house for your human guests, setting up a similar system for dogs won’t be difficult. You can either use a specific dog-friendly padding at entryways leading to the outdoors, or you can go the extra mile and install a tile walkway that will help your dog get rid of some of that excess mud and dirt before entering your home. Tile is an excellent material for entryways since cleanup is so easy. All you have to do is wipe off your dog’s tracks and give them a thorough toweling off before letting them back into your home to make sure your home rugs and furnishings stay clean.

3. Use Enzyme-Based Cleaners

Muddy paw tracks are one thing. Unpleasant as they might be to have to clean up, they’re nothing compared to the kind of nightmare that pet accidents present for your rug. If you’re breaking in a new puppy or dealing with an older, incontinent dog, one way to deal with the issue of frequent dribbles or accidents is to line your rug with pee pads to catch excess moisture. The problem with this, however, is the fact that after awhile, your rug will begin to smell of urine no matter what you do. To avoid this, always treat dog accidents the minute you notice them, and take care to spray urine stains with a pet-friendly cleaner that uses enzymes to break down bacteria and get rid of odor without spreading toxins everywhere. Keep a spray bottle of your cleaner of choice in the kitchen so that you can be prepared to deal with cleanup at all times.

4. Train Your Dog Early

Training a pet not to pee on the carpet is slow going. It can be extremely trying on your patience, and getting to a point where your pet isn’t simply peeing anywhere and everywhere can be taxing on your nerves in the long run. Still, the important thing to remember is don’t fold. The more firmly you stick to your initiative, the quicker the training process will be over, and the sooner you can leave your dogs alone in your living room without fear that you’ll return home to a smelly, horrible mess.


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