Protect Your Floors From Your Furniture

If you have hardwood floors, you are probably interested in keeping them free from scratches and scuffs for as long as possible. The biggest source of such blemishes can be your furniture. Items that get moved frequently, like chairs, are often the most common culprit. What can you do to protect your floors?

Chair Slippers

A quick and easy solution for anything that has feet or legs is to put Chair Slippers on them. Usually, these are made from tennis balls, except they aren’t neon yellow. Slippers create a soft, smooth rounded surface to slide across the ground, rather than the hard edges that can cause damage. They are a discreet fix, and also make it easier to move your furniture around.

Floor Rugs

One of the most design-friendly options is strategically placed rugs underneath large furniture pieces. This is a common sight in most households. Not only are rugs more comfortable for your own feet, but they also provide a barrier between the feet of items such as your couch and the precious hardwood. From an aesthetic perspective, they can also break up your space while still showing off your beautiful floors.

Chair Mats

If you have a home office, your desk chair can be a risk for the floor in and around your desk. A rug can hinder the ability of your desk chair to roll, so that is not the ideal way to handle the issue. Thankfully, there’s such a thing as office chair mats. They are usually plastic or rubber and very affordable. Depending on the type of floor or desk you have, they come in many different varieties. They also protect your floors from events such as coffee spills.

Hardwood floors are can be a considerable investment, so you will want to do your best to keep them pristine. Consider applying one of these simple modifications to increase the value of your home.

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