Should You Opt For Low Or High Pile Carpet?

Finding the best carpet for your home can be somewhat of a challenge. Depending on how much you plan to install, it could be the central focus of your home’s interior décor or act as a complementary component to some of the most popular rooms in the house.

Not to mention that carpet can represent a significant amount of time and money spent to have it laid down in your home. This is a job you want to do once for the foreseeable future as carpets are designed to last for decades. So the type you pick now is likely to be there for as long as you own the house.

Simply put, this is a decision you’re going to have to live with for a considerable amount of time. It pays to put in the work now in order to make the best possible choice for you and your family.

That means mulling over a litany of choices as to color, pattern, materials, and pile. You may be familiar with all but the last of those categories, but don’t worry, pile is easy to select once you understand what it is and what it means for the carpet you ultimately select.

To help you make a more informed choice about your carpet, Dr. Chem-Dry offers this carpet buying guide on the basics of low and high pile carpeting.

What is Pile?

As you start to pore over multitudes of carpet samples, you’ll feel all kinds of different types. Some will be thick and fluffy, others thinner and more dense. The distinctions between them are what we refer to as the pile of the carpet.

Every carpet is composed of a multitude of loops of fibers and in addition to the variety of materials used in the composition of those fibers, they are also attached to the carpet backing in a range of options.

From the height of the loops to the way they’ve been arranged together, pile is an important facet to consider when you pick a carpet as each type will create a certain feel and aesthetic for every room in which you have that carpet installed.

So as you continue your search for the ideal floor covering, you must decide whether to opt for low or high pile carpet.

The Low Pile Option


Going with low pile carpet offers a number of benefits to homeowners in that these are easier to maintain and cut down on the potential for allergic reactions in those individuals residing in the home who are sensitive to such things.

Low pile means that the looped fibers are sewn in much shorter and tighter than their high-pile counterparts. That’s not to say that you can’t find some low pile carpets with looser loop arrangements, there are plenty that exist, but low pile is commonly known to have these aspects as part of their construction.

This also means that the carpet doesn’t require as much care and attention when it comes to performing routine maintenance. While it’s always a good idea to vacuum your carpet once a week and have it professionally cleaned at least once or twice a year, busy households that are unable to commit to a regularly scheduled maintenance regimen will have better luck with the look and feel of their carpet over extended periods of time between vacuuming sessions.

In addition, since the loops are shorter, they can preserve their appearance longer even in high-traffic areas. That’s why low pile is often the best choice for offices and businesses. You can enjoy that same durability in your home.

The High Pile Option

If you’ve ever seen or felt high pile carpet, you already know that it offers plush comfort and softness that is unrivaled by any other floor covering available. Homeowners who want to create a lush and familiar environment in their homes will often select high pile in most rooms.

This style of carpet is ideal for relaxing upon, inviting you to sit down on it and hang out for awhile. It’s a level of comfort you’re not going to get with low pile because the loops are sewn in at a higher height and gathered together in a configuration that offers pillowy softness.

Due to this distinctive aesthetic, many designers will use a high pile carpet as the centerpiece of the room and create the décor of that room around the colors, pattern, and textures of that carpet. They will also suggest you put high pile options in bedrooms and common living areas, where residents of the home spend much of their time relaxing and enjoying the home.


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