3 Great Tips for Creating Your Own Backyard Staycation Destination

Looking to turn your home into the ultimate staycation destination? Head to the backyard to start making some exciting upgrades. Here are three ways to create an outdoor entertainment paradise that the entire family will love.

  1. Install a Swimming Pool

A new swimming pool is the height of backyard entertaining luxury. Installing an in-ground swimming pool is a perfect way to encourage kids to spend quality time in the great outdoors. Consult with professional pool contractors to design the pool, as well as a hardscape pool deck that will be the perfect spot for soaking up the sun. Be sure to spice up your pool deck with artistic tile and stone New Bern NC.

  1. Add Outdoor Games

Give your kids some options for friendly competition by adding some outdoor games to your backyard. You could create a small basketball court by pouring some asphalt and installing a new hoop. If your family loves golf, a backyard putting green is an easy feature to install. Simply find a level area of your yard that’s free of obstructions. Replace the turf in this spot with artificial grass, and add a golf flag to the hole to give you the feel of practicing on the golf course.

  1. Create a Cozy Fire Pit

You can experience the fun ambiance of a cozy campfire from the convenience of your backyard by creating a wood-burning fire pit. Use dry-stacked stone as the structure of the pit, and stack the stones to form a circle. Pour lava rock in the interior of the circle of stone. All that’s left to do is set out some outdoor furniture and you’ll have your family’s new nightly gathering spot.

Ditch the electronics and head outside to bond with your family. By adding these fun features to your backyard, you’ll create the perfect space to make great family memories.

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