5 Occasions That Can Be Commemorated With a Custom Ornament

There are so many significant events in people’s lives that you want to commemorate, but you don’t always know the best way to do so. You want it to be simple but also personal and appreciated. You want it to be something that will be easy for the recipient to keep throughout their life even if they move or go through other significant life changes.

Personalized Christmas ornaments are the perfect gift to commemorate a special occasion. They are unique to the person and event, but they are also small and securely stored for most of the year. Ornaments are perfect because they won’t be seen as clutter or create stress trying to figure out how and where to display them. Personalized ornaments make the Christmas season even more special because you are reminded of these accomplishments and occasions as you unwrap your ornaments with your family to decorate the Christmas tree.

Here are five occasions that are perfect occasions to commemorate with personalized ornaments.

  1. Acceptance to College

The college admissions process is grueling, and getting accepted to the college your recipient has always wanted to go to is a huge accomplishment. This can be commemorated with an ornament featuring the student’s name, the name of the school, the graduation date, and/or the degree type. You can have it made in the school colors. If the student plans to play a sport at college or join a specific society or fraternity, you can have an ornament made with those elements included.

  1. Marriage

You can have a new family ornament made with “Mr. and Mrs.” and their new shared last name. You can add the date of the wedding and have it made in the colors from their wedding. Then every Christmas, when they decorate their tree, they can reminisce about their wedding day. You could have an ornament made with the date of the wedding and a sentimental saying like “All because two people fell in love.”

  1. First Home

When someone you care about buys their first home, you can get an ornament made with a picture of their first house, the address of the house, or an image of a house with the words “first home” and the date. There are many ways you can commemorate an event, like buying a house. First home ornaments can be found in most stores, so to personalize it, you should either have the address or an image of the house added to the ornament.

  1. Birth of a Baby

The birth of a baby is an ideal time for a personalized Christmas ornament. You can have a picture of the baby put on the ornament with the baby’s name and birthday. You can get an image of a baby put on it with the words “baby’s first Christmas.” You could also get an updated family ornament with each family member, including the newest addition. You could also have one made with the baby’s handprint or footprint to personalize it.

  1. Retirement

Retirement is the end of an era and the start of something new. You can personalize the ornament with their name and date of retirement or the number of years they were at their job. You could also personalize it with something they’ll be enjoying during retirement, such as golf clubs or an RV if they plan on traveling.

Giving a personalized Christmas ornament as a gift is a small gesture showing them that what they accomplished was important and worth remembering. Ornaments are also a great way to share your past with your children and grandchildren. As they help decorate the tree each year, they can learn more about who their parents or grandparents were before and reminisce on their own milestones from over the years.



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