Creative Ideas For Landscaping Around Your Fence

They say good fences make good neighbors. A good fence delineates the property line of your home while providing security and privacy from the outside world. Fences can also be ideal for representing the unique design aesthetic of your home, showing off your impeccable taste and creativity at a glance.

Whether you’ve decided to live in your residence for the long-term or you’re planning on selling sometime in the not too distant future, landscaping is an important component of maintaining the property for added home value.

One of the places that good landscaping can have a significant impact is along those fence lines that surround your property. Making the decision to add plants, trees, or shrubs at these areas won’t just increase the beauty of your exterior but also enhance the very purpose for erecting fences in the first place.

Creative landscaping ideas can give your fence line an extra layer of yard privacy while bringing a decorative flair that will increase your home’s curb appeal.

Before you start planting your brushes, you need to decide on the best plan of attack for the type of fencing you’ve put up. The material you’ve used can also play a role in the landscaping options you’re considering.

Any good fence installation service in Chesterfield VA can help you put together the right combination of fence and greenery for a look that reflects your personal tastes and preferences.

Landscaping Options

As you ponder your next move, think about what stylistic choices you’d like to make and how they can have a positive lasting impact on your home’s exterior.

Some homeowners may feel as if their current fence line is too harsh or static. Fences can also give the appearance of the home being closed off from the outside world beyond. For others, the fence has done the opposite and the material being used offers too much of a view inside the property. But instead of replacing it entirely, landscaping can improve privacy.

If one of these describes your opinion of the fence around your property, there is a wide array of flowers, grass, plants, shrubbery, and the like that can be installed at or near your fence line to bring about the desired effect of softening the fence line, making the property feel more open, or simply heightening privacy.

Choosing the Best Flora

The choices that exist are varied and wide-ranging, so this is going to be a matter of what you think looks best based on your home’s exterior décor, the fence you’ve chosen, and any other landscaping you’ve already planted.

Selecting the right plants, trees, shrubs, and more is also dependent upon the climate in which you live. Some types of landscaping can withstand all four seasons, others only thrive in a specific type of climate and should only be planted in the proper temperatures and conditions.

Consider your needs for landscaping along the fence line as well. If you want privacy, you may want to go with trees, certain types of shrubs, even vines to build a barrier that acts an additional layer that is meant to obscure the view of passersby.

If you feel as if the fence line of your home lacks color or contrast, you may want to go with certain flowers that bloom in bright golds, purples, reds, and other bright hues that will complement the surrounding exteriors of your home.

Seasonal Concerns

If your home exists in a part of the country that has a seasonal climate, you should plan to install landscaping options that provide a visual flair in the fall as well as the spring.

Good gardeners will take this into account when planning a smart landscaping strategy. The summer and winter are often the two seasons that get forgotten most often and choosing greenery and other landscaping additions that can thrive in these seasons will provide a gorgeous landscape along the fence line of your home all year round.

Beyond the Fence

If your home borders a fence line that doesn’t enter someone else’s private property, you might want to consider adding your own little touch of color along the other side of your fence as well.

This will provide a beautiful appearance on both sides of your fence line and provide an extra element of beauty that will complement the work you’ve done along the perimeter of your property. For this side of the fence, however, you don’t need to get too complicated with your gardening. Something simple, yet complementary, should do the trick quite nicely.


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