Top 7 DIY Blunders UK Homeowners Are Prone to Committing

It’s difficult to resist the temptation of renovating your home – all by yourself. And there is no dearth of homeowners in the UK who – hit by this temptation – pick up a paint brush or reach for a toolbox to act out their imagination. This is what we call DIY OR Do-It-Yourself. Do-It-Yourself is tempting for those who want to save some pound in addition to getting the satisfaction of successfully creating something new. And while it’s okay to go for easy and uncomplicated DIY jobs such as painting a door or unblocking gutters, some homeowners overreach themselves – and invite a DIY blunder – by attempting tasks beyond their skill level. Just so you know the average cost of fixing DIY blunder in the UK comes to a whopping 1,830 and as much as 67% of homeowners – that means 2 in every 3 – have to resort to services of a qualified tradesman in the UK to undo the damage. With the intent of prohibiting you from committing a DIY blunder, here we are enlisting top 10 DIY blunders UK homeowners are committing: 1) Skimping on the materials: The most common blunder homeowners in the UK commit is – skimping on materials. As per a report by, almost 72% of homeowners are guilty of having materials less than required and consequently running out of them mid-job. Surprised? Don’t be. It takes a professional to know the amount of material a job will take and you are sadly not a professional. 2) Inaccurate Measurement: 63% of homeowners are guilty of taking inaccurate measurement of stuff – like length of pipes or quantity of paints required. If you overshoot the quantity, you are safe. The problem starts when you don’t have enough of materials needed to go ahead with the job. 3) Damaging the surface: The third position is captured by failing to protect surfaces like carpet or furnishings during the work. Depending on the nature of your DIY, you may end up scratching, spoiling, drilling or damaging the surface you are working on/against. Almost 61% of respondents confessed to making this blunder.

4) Injuring themselves: Your DIY toolbox contains equipment – like hammer, drill machine, knife, pliers etc – that can hurt you big if not used properly. 59% of homeowners have reportedly injured themselves during DIY making it 4th most committed blunder. 5) Painting Blunders: Painting a surface is not as simple as it seems. Almost 52% of respondents revealed they used wrong type of paint, while 51% confessed to painting a surface without properly preparing it. 6) Failing to get permits: The 7th most committed DIY blunder is not obtaining the permits required for home renovation. 28% of homeowners are guilty of that. Just so you be warned lack of legally required approvals may lead to injunction or totally undoing the renovation you have spent so much on. 7) Plumbing Disaster: With 23% of homeowners responsible for plumbing in pipes incorrectly, this blunder takes the 8th spot. Rounding off the ranking is the mistake of causing a leak by accidentally drilling through pipes – this takes the 10th spot and is committed by 10 % of people. 8) Electrocution: At position 9, we have “electrocution”. One in every five respondents has confessed to getting electric shock while DIY. This gives you another reason to hire only recommended and certified tradesman or electrician for all construction needs.

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