Advantages of timber doors

Doors are among the most critical component of a home. Whether renovating an existing house or constructing a new house from scratch, doors are components that you must pay proper attention to. These structures provide security and privacy for the home and for every room you use them. While doors come in various sizes, styles, and shapes, the materials used in making them are few.

Advantages of timber doors


Timber, being an excellent insulator, makes it effective against fire. A solid wooden door, such as one from Sydney Timber Doors, can stand fire for close to twenty minutes, allowing occupants in the building to exits and for firefighters to arrive.


Timber doors can be cut and sawed to fit frames of different sizes and shapes. You can use timber in typical hinged doors or sliding frame doors. Additionally, they are easy to paint; if you stain the timber doors, they will appear distinguished and sleek with the application of varnish. You can quickly repair damaged timber doors without entirely replacing them, unlike a damaged aluminum door.


Timber rarely gets out of fashion. Wood has been utilized for many years and continues to be used as a door material in modern homes. The shades and patterns of brown are distinctive and add warmth and flair to any home. The smooth finish provides an unmatched natural aesthetics of wood. If your home has trees or is close to a forest, a wooden door makes the house appear at home with nature. If you have an office, a varnished timber door gives it an air of respect and solemnity. Moreover, a wooden door complements the furniture in your living room or office.


Timber doors absorb and emit heat slowly. Thus, your house remains warm in the winter and cool in summer with a timber door. Timber being an excellent thermal insulator means that you can reduce costs on energy usage. Aside from thermal insulation, timber is more effective as a noise absorber. If your office, home, or office is close to the roadside, a timber door can minimize the noise coming from outside.

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