Home Window Installation: Why It’s Beneficial To Go With A Contractor

Anyone looking for replacement windows richmond va should first understand that they have important choices to make. Sure, you want to be sure to choose the right windows, but even more critical is deciding on which contractor to hire.

What’s that? You were considering doing the job yourself? I’m sure you can think of a few hundred reasons why you might think that’s a good idea, but let’s consider some of the truly expensive reasons why it may not be the best move on your part.

We all want to save some money when it’s possible, but where window replacement is concerned, there are far too many variables that exist where you could easily end up paying more in the end. Those extra costs could come as a result of having to repair the work that you or someone else did poorly.

Lousy craftsmanship should never be acceptable when you’re replacing your windows as it could result in damage to the windows or the surrounding areas and that can make the project significantly longer and more expensive.

But hiring a contractor to work on the project doesn’t just ensure that the job is done right, it also comes with a myriad of additional benefits that are important to consider before you decide on embark on this operation by yourself:

Licensed Professionals

Hiring the right installation company means that your contractor is licensed and registered and, depending on the state in which you reside, permitting may be mandatory under law in order to perform the type of work you’re planning. Some state laws require contractors to be licensed if they are going to be doing replacement window installation.

In addition, a license helps you, the consumer, determine whether or not the contractor you’ve hired is a reliable vendor. You wouldn’t hire just anyone, sight unseen, to work on your residence, a valid license number lets you do a search to see if the contractor you’re considering to hire has any complaints or lawsuits pending and shows you how ethical and credible they are as a business professional.

Experience Matters

A professional contractor offers extensive experience with installing replacement windows. More than you likely have under your belt, that makes them well-prepared for dealing with any issues or problems that might arise during the installation process.

What’s more important is that they will know how to solve or even avoid those problems altogether, particularly those that might prevent the windows from being installed in the first place. The untrained eye may not be able to diagnose these problems and try to install the new windows anyway, and the only time you might realize there’s a problem is when it’s too late.

Installers are also trained to see when the opening in your home has shifted or adjusted, making it very difficult to simply stick the new windows into them without leaving gaps and cracks. That won’t just make the home less energy efficient, it can result in water damage from outside precipitation and allow bugs and other pests to get inside.

The Right Equipment


Putting in replacement windows requires specific tools that you probably don’t have at home. After all, why would you have them? You’re not a licensed window installer and you wouldn’t normally need this equipment around the house for any other projects.

It also doesn’t make much sense to go out and purchase these tools in order to do the job as that is only going to increase the cost of the project anyway. You’re going to pay more so that you can try to save some money on an installation. That’s just silly.

Helping Hand

The cost of your installation comes with transportation and labor expenses built in. If you elect to do the work by yourself, that could mean you end up paying for delivery costs anyway. On top of that, you may need to get someone to assist you in the installation process and that individual will likely know even less than you do about this type of project.

Some replacement windows are very heavy and unwieldy which could put you at a greater risk of damaging the windows before you even get them into the house. Damage can be very costly to repair and you will just end up paying more in fixing the problems you’ve caused just because you wanted to save some cash by not hiring a professional installer.

Contractors also offer guarantees on their work so if something does go wrong you’re covered and you won’t have to pay anything out of pocket.

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