Know all about choosing the best Window Replacement Company in Edmonton

There are a lot of window companies in Edmonton that are ready to assist you with your renovation project. But, which one is suitable for you? Do you require full-replacement or just small window repairs? If you have some questions to ask to get the best value for money, then here are a few of them:

How can you find out if your window needs replacement?

A lot of times homeowners are not sure whether to replace the old windows or repair them. It is true, some temporary fix can add life to them.

However, if your window has water damage on the frame or you notice drafts or window frame is falling apart, then it is best to replace them. With some exceptions, Window Mart offers you replacement windows of a lifespan of 20-25 years.

A good starting point is to consult the technicians about the energy-efficiency, high-quality windows and recognize the problem with your current windows and find solutions available and get it replaced.

Some of the things to know before going for a window quote appointment are:

  • Know the current position of your windows.
  • Decide about the number of window panes you want in the replacement windows.
  • Know the type of glass you need in the replacement windows.
  • Choose the window material you want to go for. Vinyl windows are highly in demand these days.

Why should you choose vinyl windows?

The first step to ensure that your replacement windows last for several decades is to purchase windows of high quality that make your house comfortable, cozy and stylish. As most of the areas in Canada have the harshest urban climates, your windows should perform accordingly. This can be achieved by choosing the right material and installation method.

Usually, people choose triple-pane windows for highest comfort and performance. Vinyl is chosen as the material because it offers sufficient thermal protection for a lower price than fiberglass and wood. Also, all vinyl windows are ENERGY STAR rated.

Check the reputation of the windows replacement Edmonton

Reputation is important. The good news is that it is very simple to find out if the window company is reputed or not. Online reviews serve as the best helping hand in your research. Check out the review sites, online forums and The Better Business Bureau reviews to get sufficient information about a company. Find out what the past clients have to say about the company. See if they have positive or negative reviews with them.


What is possibly more helpful than the reputation of the company or equally important is their hands-on experience. If a window company has been serving for decades, then it is likely to have a reliable, trustworthy and efficient team. Window Mart has been in this business for decades. It is a pioneer in the manufacturing of doors and windows and has a skilled installation team. The company possesses years of experience.

Standards and awards

All the windows are tested and accredited in Canada under the Canadian Standards Association requisitions. The CSA uses the ENERGY STAR manual to determine if the windows meet special requirements or not. A reputed company will always deal with energy-efficient windows and follow the local building code and CSA regulations.

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