Low Maintenance Ways to Improve Your Home’s Exterior

Everyone wants a home that reflects their individual values and tastes. But maintaining extensive landscaping can be time-consuming and create reoccurring costs each year. Especially for new homeowners or people looking to put their house on the market, improving the exterior is a sure way to increase a home’s appeal. Luckily, there are many tried and true ways to make your home’s exterior look well-kept or even luxurious, as with minimal effort on your part.

Metal Art

One of the most dramatic additions to your landscaping is also one of the easiest to take care of and potentially lasts for decades. Metal has long been a sought-after medium for artists working in outdoor accents or features for homes and yards. Whether adding small ironwork into the landscape or putting up an impressive set of corten steel gates, metal is sure to draw the eye of your visitors. Investing in a higher quality metal like corten steel ensures that it will last a lifetime, while also requiring very little work to maintain.


One of the most accessible and straight-forward projects to add appeal to a home is spreading some mulch around plants. Mulch not only looks great, but it also protects your beds from weeds and as the mulch breaks down it fertilizes your plants. So, mulch has the ability to reduce other chores that may have already been eating away at your time. Make sure to look into the right composition for your existing foliage and rain levels.


Stone Patio or Walkways

While certainly the most expensive option discussed here, stone can be incredibly powerful when implemented properly into a home’s exterior. Stately and timeless, stone is also a cinch to maintain. Usually, just a quick sweep of a broom will do the trick, although a yearly washing would help keep it looking its best.


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