The Many Benefits Of Installing Wooden Shutters For Your Windows

When you buy new windows, you’re making an investment that’s going to help your home stay strong and protected no matter what the future or the weather holds. But what about protecting your brand new Renewal by Andersen windows? When you make a serious purchase for your home, you want to make absolutely sure it stays protected no matter what. That’s where home shades and shutters come in. Shutters aren’t just there to create shade in your space. They can also go a long way toward protecting your home during the summer and keeping out cold air during the winter. And when it comes to finding the best possible option for your windows, wooden shutters stand far above the competition. They’re durable, beautiful, and provide a protective barrier that can’t be beat. They’re even easier to clean than most shutter types on the market. If you want to protect your new windows the best you can, here’s why you should consider purchasing wooden shutters for your home.


Wood isn’t just a beautiful material that looks great for almost any home style. It also happens to be one of the strongest materials you can find. Wood shutters come in all different shapes, sizes, and styles, and can protect your home for decades with the right maintenance. While vinyl can end up looking inexpensive and other materials can dent and scratch, wood blinds effectively shield your home from the sun whether they’re installed inside your home or on the outside. If you’re worried about your shutters suddenly becoming dated, don’t be. Wooden shutters have been around forever, and it’s safe to say they’re always going to be in fashion. If you want to make a one-time purchase that works hard to protect your home and let in the light, choosing wood plantation-style or louvered shutters will help keep your home safe, well-lit, and temperature controlled for years.


Wooden shutters don’t just look great no matter what. They can weather the storm of any sudden change you decide to make when it comes to your home’s exterior. Whatever fresh coat of paint you decide to splash your home with next, and whatever new home additions or beautification projects come your way, your wooden shutters will remain one of the most timeless and elegant parts of your home. Even if you eventually get bored of your shutters, you can still exercise creative control by re-painting your shutters or staining them. Wood is incredibly versatile, and unlike vinyl, it can be easily treated or painted over for a brand new look. If you’re someone who thrives on variety and versatility, you won’t be disappointed with your wooden shutters.

Energy Efficiency

Blinds primarily exist for two reasons: They help give homeowners the privacy they want while letting in sunlight and air on milder days. They can also play a big role in protecting a home’s interior from sun damage and overexposure to wind and light. Unlike certain shutter materials that are a bit flimsier and less able to protect against the sun’s UV rays, wood shutters provide a thick, yet airy barrier against the outside world that doesn’t totally cut off your access to sunlight and air. Instead, wooden shutters can create a perfect seal that allows you to easily control your home’s temperature, letting in a bit of breeze without having to remove layers of caulking each time. Wood shutters allow you to customize the amount of air you get in your home while providing you with the ideal amount of privacy without creating a stuffy atmosphere. They’ll also keep your home silent even during strong winds. Where other blinds might rattle around during a storm, your wood shutters will stay strong and silent, protecting your home from within.

Ability to Shade and Cool

Wood is one of the most impenetrable materials around when it comes to protecting your home from sunlight. When you leave your home during the summer and shut your blinds, you don’t just get protection from fading and damage through the day. Because wood isn’t a conductor of heat, your shutters will help keep the sunlight out without heating up and transferring that heat into your living room or den. When you come home, you’ll walk into a naturally cool environment. Your wood shutters, if used properly, can save you tons of money on heating and cooling. Even using your blinds in a few rooms in your home can allow you to cut down on A/C and fan usage during the summer, creating big savings for you and your family.

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