Why Are Grey Doors So Popular?

When selecting interior shades for your home, the trend for grey shows no indication of waning as its soothing and sophisticated feel is displayed across interiors, furnishings and accessories.

Why is Grey so Popular?

Grey has responded particularly well to modern trends, as contemporary interpretations of the shade have provided a warmer feel in many interior spaces that perhaps may have seemed colder and stark in tones of grey which featured a decade ago. Grey began in interior design as a darker hue, but as the trend continued to gain momentum, mid-tone and lighter tones of grey have been introduced due to high demand. Now grey is a cool, calm and collected colour which adds elegance and class beautifully in any space.

Pale shades of grey for doors have proved particular popular with homeowners, with shades available to suit any preference. Grey has a wide range of different hues, with more than 150 shades of paint available, which is far more than black or white. This is one of the reasons grey has remained so popular in interior design.

Grey Interior and Exterior Doors

Grey is a popular choice for not only interior doors, but also exterior doors and windows too, with various shades being the top selection for many homes across the country. Grey works well with flooring and furniture and suits a range of interior themes.

Unlike other hues, this colour is unlikely to clash with other shades; instead it easily blends with other colours in its surroundings. With slick wood grain in realistic effects or calm and cool laminate ranges, the subtle undertones in grey are an ideal match for contemporary interiors with a wide range to choose from.

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Industrious Grey

When searching for a fresh look for your home, it is always wise to research current trends for interior design and collect colours and ideas that match well.

The best interior designers continue to favour shades of grey to feature in the most stylish rooms and spaces of today. The use of the colour varies widely, whether it is painted on walls to create a classic backdrop for art, an eye-catching accent wall or used as a base note in a space. The possibilities to use grey in any room in your home are endless!

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