Home Additions for Happier Pets

While having excellent supplies does not necessarily make you a good pet-owner, there is nothing wrong with having extra resources for your pet’s health and enjoyment. After you get the basics down, which is food, shelter, and health, you can work towards investing in their overall wellness and everyday life.

The additions you want to purchase depend on the kind of pet you have. Look at their habits and hobbies to get an idea about what they want. Here are some suggestions if you find yourself at a loss:

Multiple water areas

If you live in a multi-level house or apartment, have different areas that have water for them to drink. It is essential to keep your pet well hydrated, especially if you aren’t present in the home to refill their bowls frequently. Strategically placing watering areas also help direct your pet to the areas you want to them to stay. If they are thirsty and have no place to drink, you might find them drinking out of your toilet bowl or scrounging around for a source of water.

Good floors

Having good floors doesn’t directly affect pets. Easy-to-clean luxury vinyl flooring mostly benefits pet owners. It is waterproof. It does not stain. And it can work well with underfloor heating. The benefit for your pet is the cleanliness achieved. Since they walk around the floor with no kind of protection, carpets could hide small pieces of broken china from an old plate that fell, or bacteria from pee and vomit.


Comfortable bed

All pets have a favorite sleeping area; they could be attracted to a sound, a scent, or temperature. Try to maintain their sleeping area as their territory, to foster that sense of belongingness. They could have a makeshift bed already out of old blankets or pillows. Some pets don’t mind that. They are happy with their space and bed. However, if you have senior pets or pets with injuries, a bed made for them could make them sleep better.


Toys and climbing trees

Chew toys for dogs, feathers or string for a cat, a ball for a bird—these toys may look recreational to us, but they are important for your pet’s physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. Some toys require you to be there as a participant, like throwing a frisbee or shifting a laser pointer, but some toys can be left out for them to play. Tug ropes and other similar toys laid out in a specific area allow the pet to entertain themselves when they are left for a period. This system also prevents your pets from targeting other items in your house.

When they are not stressed or anxious, they stay well-behaved. It means that your pets do not create mess for you to clean up after. They will still call for your attention when they are hungry or want to play. They will still sleep on your bed or find themselves in odd situations. Such things are normal when living with pets. These tips keep them happy and healthy. It does not change their unique characteristics. A happy pet can lead to a happy home life.




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