Common Causes of Garage Door Roller Problem

Garage doors are highly rated by many homeowners and they trust them to remain in proper working condition every day. But what happens when your garage door suddenly stops working? And which are some of the most common causes of such problems? In this post, we outline what you need to know about garage door roller problems in addition to providing a few practical solutions for the same.

  1. Insufficient Lubrication

Inadequate lubrication will cause your garage door roller more problems than you may think. The internal bearings of a garage door roller are essential to its function and if they fail, the entire system may fall off the track. This only goes to show how important regular maintenance is to the safety and proper functioning of your garage door.

  1. Misaligned Tracks

Misaligned tracks produce loud noises as they rub against each other and may have worse effects than you could imagine. When this happens, you may want to loosen up the tracks before tapping them back until they are aligned. However, you can save more time by contacting professional carport builders to ensure it is repaired in due time before the damage extends to other parts.

  1. Built-up Dirt

Extreme grease build-up in the tracks limits the functionality of your garage door rollers. Similarly, the accumulation of dust and debris can also create blockages and cause your garage door to stick when trying to open or close it.

Grease buildup should be a worrying concern because it causes rust buildup which lowers the lifespan of your garage door. Ensure you clean your garage door together with the rollers on a regular basis to ensure they function properly and have a longer lifespan.

  1. Detached Brackets and Loose Tracks

Brackets are meant to hold the tracks in place. And when they loosen, the entire system is compromised. So, tighten them up to ensure the tracks are properly supported to help maintain your garage door. Furthermore, you should ensure the tracks are well-supported against the wall and can anchor the rollers appropriately.

  1. Weather and Climate Changes

Its not uncommon for sudden changes in temperature to cause the sticking of your garage door when you try to open or close it. When this happens, it almost certainly results from frozen springs or dried up lubricants.

The chosen material could be the game-changer here. Wood, for example, is highly susceptible to swelling during extreme temperature changes while aluminum gets easily dented. Steel garage doors, on the other hand, can withstand most of the appalling weather conditions. Even with these options, it’s still important to understand your budget and specific needs when making your buying decision.


Like all movable parts, your garage door will likely reach its past time which will be characterized by recurrent problems. But it’s rare for most of the problems to occur suddenly. But if you can’t handle it all, always remember to contact a professional indoor designer with proven experience in handling a variety of tasks including garage door installation to relieve all your worries.

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