Custom Cedar Chest- A Unique Combination Of Beauty & Functionality

When it about decorating a home, most homemakers take resort to purchasing beautiful home decor items like lanterns, indoor plants, wall accents, and more. These no doubt accentuate the beauty of a home manifold but seldom serve any other useful purpose. However, a custom cedar chest not only looks alluring but also offers functionality to store items that one want to keep out of sight of the guests at home. There are several places in a home, where one can place a custom cedar chest – a personalized chest made out of cedar wood or having a cedar wood base. Places to flaunt a custom cedar chest Although a custom cedar chest with laser engraving or hand-painting can be placed anywhere in full sight of guests, there are places where it can prove more useful. An entryway Near window Guest Bedroom At the foot of a bed Backside of a sofa Things to store in a cedar chest Out of the multiple things that one can keep in a cedar chest, family heirlooms like blankets, comforters, Bible, and other items. One can also store bridal gown, antique paintings, family album, cherished toys, and old letters. Custom chests with a cedar base or made out of cedar wood preserve them because of the oil present in its wood that repels moisture, and insects like moths. A small cedar chest is also appropriate to keep antique jewelry items like pendants, earrings, rings, and more. A cedar chest, when personalized with a name, monogram, message or quote, can also be a fantastic gift item for a couple on their wedding anniversary or for a kid who has loads of toys but no place to keep them free from dust and dirt. In short, it offers a unique combination of beauty and storage functionality. The key is to personalize a cedar chest in a right way. In this respect, getting the same done by Wood Creations Inc is advantageous as the wooden chest manufacturer offers laser engraving for free. Its online store has multiple options that allow customers to choose desired font type, font color, chest color, and much more.

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