Tips for choosing the chairs of the home

Choosing chairs for the dining room is more difficult than it may seem at first, since they represent a considerable investment and you have to choose the most appropriate ones. Therefore, it is important to take the time necessary to make a decision, taking into account different factors, such as size, comfort or material. Follow these tips to choose the home chairs or pedicure chair and make a good purchase!


However, the first and most important of all is the design. And it is worth nothing that a chair is cheap if it does not attract us completely and does not fit the style of the rest of the decoration. Therefore, first you have to be guided by your tastes and those of the rest of the family.


Secondly, it is important to choose the chair depending on the size you have to place in the room and around the table. In addition, it is also important to know where the additional chairs will be placed, if the table is not fully extended at all times. Thus, you must measure the room and the dining room table to know the size and number of chairs that can be accommodated in it. You also have to calculate the space between the chairs.

On the other hand, you should bear in mind that the height of the seat should be about 45 centimeters so that, when sitting, it is not too high or too low in relation to the table. As for the width, it should be 43-45 centimeters, and the backrest should not measure more than 110 centimeters so as not to limit the mobility of the head and neck. Having the back too straight is not a comfortable posture for chatting after meals or dinners.

And as for the backrest, to be comfortable it must have a height of 80-95 cm. Backs of more than 110 cm are not recommended, because they limit the mobility of the head and neck muscles.

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Although it is customary to place chairs with armrests at the head of the table and without them on the sides, it really depends on the space available and the style you prefer. Keep in mind that for small tables it is better to opt for chairs without arms so they can fit better under it.


Of course, the material from which the chairs are made is also a fundamental factor, since they will determine the appearance and the environment. Thus, you must bear in mind that the metal next to a wooden table, will be able to create an attractive contrast. On the other hand, acrylic chairs can be suitable for a modern space, while wooden chairs are very versatile and you can choose from a large number of styles. On the other hand, wicker or rattan chairs provide texture and style. As for upholstered chairs, they offer the opportunity to use color and design to offer a more pleasant effect.

Comfort and lightness

Of course, it is imperative that the chair be comfortable. For this, it is best to choose upholstered chairs, with padded seat and backrest, which also allow you to coordinate your print with other fabrics of the dining room, such as curtains or sofa.

Of course, if you want lightness, you should bet on the wooden chairs and grid seat, ideal for small dining rooms.

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