Tips To Help Your Garden Grow

America is a diverse nation, but there is one activity that most citizens seem to agree upon. Gardening is growing in popularity, with flowers and vegetables sprouting up in more than 75 percent of American back yards. It’s long been a peaceful and relaxing way to spend quality time with Mother Nature, but now that growing environmental concerns have highlighted the importance of sustainability, its profile has been raised as a source of sustenance. In fact, vegetable gardens are now putting food on the table of more than one-third of households in the United States. It’s a great way to make an environmental impact, but it only works as long as the garden actually grows. Unfortunately, common gardening mistakes often limit or even prohibit, a garden’s ability to produce. Here are two things every gardener needs to know.

Location Matters

What does gardening and real estate have in common? Location, location, location. A garden’s placement is paramount to its production. Plants need lots of sunshine to thrive, so pick a spot away from tall structures that would keep it in the shade.

Nature’s Blanket

A parent wouldn’t put a child to bed without covering him or her with a blanket, so take a lesson from the moms and dads of the world and blanket your seedlings with garden mulch. Rather than giving warmth, however, mulch has the opposite effect on a garden. It protects the soil from the sun’s scorching rays, keeping it cool and conducive to growing. Additionally, mulch helps the dirt retain water while also preventing weeds from taking root. A three-inch covering is advised, so be sure to have plenty of the product on hand. Mulch is available at most greenhouses, hardware stores and home improvement centers, and can also be purchased online by searching for mulch delivery cincinnati or in your area.

Green thumbs are great, but even a greenhorn can grow a garden. Plant these tips in your mind whenever you venture into vegetable growing.

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