3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Live With A Broken Air Conditioner

Nothing good can come from operating an air conditioning unit that no longer works. Air conditioning unit repair is a skill that requires precision and knowledge. But operating an air conditioning unit that’s broken isn’t a good idea for your family. Here are 3 problems you can expect if you keep using a damaged AC unit.

AC repair Pflugerville: Why You Shouldn’t Use a Broken Air Conditioning Unit

The last thing you want to do is operate an air conditioner that doesn’t work. It’s more expensive, less effective, and more annoying than the trouble is worth. If your air conditioner is broken, you’ll want to get it fixed immediately. You have to think about the house and the cost of operating a broken system.

Humidity harms your family’s health and endangers the household

Humidity causes condensation to form on windows and pipes. When humidity builds, moisture is added to the environment, creating opportunities for mold growth that will harm the lungs and negatively impact residents with respiratory issues.

According to Energy Star, you should measure the humidity in your household using a hygrometer, a device that can measure the temperature and humidity levels in the room. The relative humidity should be between 30 and 50 percent. Know that humidity can also settle into the building, weakening the structure over time.

The accumulation of dirt and debris weakens airflow

You’ll know your air conditioning unit isn’t functioning properly when you notice weaker airflow. Weaker air flow usually results from dirt and debris clogging the filters. The Department of Energy encourages homeowners to clean and replace their air filters regularly to avoid obstructed airflow. You don’t want to be breathing in these contaminants. Plus, it’s worth noting that dirt and debris can also pass into the evaporation coil and interfere with the absorption of heat. The end result is a hotter home that doesn’t feel like it’s air-conditioned at all.

Increased heat can lead to heat exhaustion, irritability, and sleep problems

Our bodies tend to relax more when household temperatures are anywhere between 60 and 69 degrees. But a damaged air conditioner during a heatwave can result in temperatures soaring into the eighties. The increased heat translates to less sleep, and that means problems with productivity and energy for the rest of the week.

Studies show that during scorching heat, people may report feeling more violent. Crime does spike and people feel less motivated to work hard outside. These reasons are why you should never wait to get your air conditioning unit fixed, even if you’re currently living in cool temperatures.

Next time your air conditioning unit is broken, you’ll need to consider the impact that the humidity, weaker airflow, and subsequent irritability will have on your family. You don’t have to live with a broken air conditioning unit. That’s because the important work for HVAC specialists like those at Comfort Zone ends with keeping families and households cool for years.

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