Five Critical Reasons to Hire Commercial Heating Repair Services

Commercial heating repair services can be a life saver, literally, when a heating unit dies at your place of business. This is especially true if your business involves the elderly, such as a nursing home, retirement center, or elderly apartment complex. In any case, getting the heat back up and running is incredibly important to ensure the comfort of your employees, customers, and yourself if you work on site. Let’s take a look at five critical reasons you’d want to hire commercial heating repair services for your business.

Labor Laws

Running a business and managing employees comes with a ton of labor laws that have to be followed at all times. If you’re employees are subjected to unsafe working conditions due to the failure of a heating unit, this could put you at risk for a variety of fines and other negative consequences. Fortunately, heating repair services can usually get situations like this taken care of very quickly, and without a hassle.

Health Risks Among the Elderly

It’s no secret that the elderly are extra sensitive to extreme temperatures. It’s an unfortunate fact that many elderly individuals die each year from air conditioning failure in the summer. However, they can also be susceptible to extreme colds in the winter if a heating unit fails. If your business deals with the elderly, this could cause more problems than you want to deal with so get in touch with emergency heating repair services ASAP if your unit fails.

Loss of Revenue

If your heating unit stops working you might put off getting it fixed because the cost is an issues. However, you should realize that if the heating unit was situated in an area that your customers frequent, there is a good chance you’ll lose business, and revenue, as a result. The longer you wait, the more money you’re going to lose so get on Google and search using terms like “commercial heating repair San Rafael CA” only with your own city in the phrase. You’ll be glad you did.


It’s easier to become ill when it’s cold out, and this applies to indoors as well if your heating unit has failed. Germs like the flu, pneumococcus, and the common cold transmit much easier when you don’t have proper heating. This could lead to your customers getting sick, or worse, your employees. Don’t put your health, and the health of others at your place of business, at risk. Get a heating repair company on the job as fast as you can.

A Fire Could Break Out

If your heating unit stops blowing warm air, but is still functioning to some degree, that’s a sign that you have a huge problem on your hands. In fact, left unimpaired this could lead to a fire breaking out due to a variety of reasons. Maybe there’s dust and debris clogging the system, maybe it’s an electrical issue, or maybe heating coils are having problems. Whatever the case may be, you don’t want to encounter the worst case scenario; your heating unit bursting into flames and starting a fire. If you’re having trouble with your heating unit, call a commercial heating repair service before it’s too late.

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