How to Keep Your Home Cool When You Live In the Desert

When summer hits the desert, the temperatures rise and the inside of your home starts to quickly boil over. Even in the driest parts of the desert, homes can easily end up overheating and creating an uncomfortable living environment for the household. That’s why it’s so crucial to take steps to keep your desert home summer-proofed and prepared for the hottest days of the year long before they hit. It’s not just about getting your HVAC unit regularly serviced from Arundel Cooling and Heating. The right preventative maintenance and at-home tricks could seriously save you money on A/C costs, as well as reduce your heating bills by a fair percentage. If you’re located in the desert, follow these tips to keep as cool as possible during the summer.

Make Friends with Fans

Next to your air conditioning unit, your fan is going to be your greatest ally in the fight to beat the summer heat. If you live in the desert, you might have central air to help your house stay cool in the long-term, or you might have a few air conditioning units placed around the house. Whatever you’re working with, fans can naturally enhance the effect of your HVAC unit and create a cool, air-tight paradise during the day and night. Since you’re not going to be able to use the hot outside air to cool out your home at night, you might be feeling apprehensive about leaving the A/C running overnight and racking up energy bills. A perfect compromise is to use smaller fans around the house to dissipate the blast of the air conditioners and evenly cool down your entire house using less energy. If you’re prepped your windows, you’ll be able to control the internal temperature of your home without working overtime. Simply set up a few larger fans such as box fans around the house and try directing the cool air into stuffier upstairs rooms and naturally muggier areas, such as bedrooms and kitchens.

Keep Everything Airtight

The key to creating a cool, pleasant home environment during a heat wave is to make sure hot air stays outside and cool air stays inside. While running your air conditioner can do the work of generating cool air, it won’t do much good if the outside air keeps leaking in and making your A/C work even harder to lower the temperature. If you want to drastically lower cooling bills, keep your windows completely sealed during the day. Make sure you’re using the most energy-efficient models and have sealed all cracks or gaps over with caulking. Once your windows are totally weathertight, you can install large drapes or blinds to block out the sun and keep your home protected from the midday glare. After you’ve done this, you’ll notice that it takes a lot less time and energy to cool a room down. You won’t have to leave the A/C on for hours just to create a nice, comfortable temperature. After half an hour or so, you should be able to bask in air-conditioned comfort after turning off the machine entirely.

Create Shade

If your home is located smack in the middle of nowhere without any trees or natural shade, you might assume there’s nothing you can do about it. But you’d be wrong: If there’s no shade surrounding you, it’s up to you to make shade, using any available materials. Use large white or light-colored sheets to create sails protecting your windows, install awnings for the second- or third-floor bedroom windows, and tie tarps across exposed areas like patios or backyards for a bit of outdoor relief. Remember, the more shade your home gets, the better protected it will be from overheating. Creating a shadier atmosphere will also help your air conditioner work better during shorter periods of use.

Turn Down the Lights

If you work all day and you know certain rooms in your home aren’t going to be in use, you’re in luck. Simply drawing the blinds and keeping the lights off can do wonders to create a cooler, airier environment during the day. When the shades are up and the sun is allowed to blast in all day, your home ends up slowly cooking for hours, creating a stuffy internal temperature that could take hours to cool down. However, when you keep things dark and sealed, you’re priming your home for a comfortable, cool night of minimal A/C use. Remember, your air conditioner can only do so much without your help. The harder you work to create a cool environment before even turning the air on, the more comfortable your home will be during the summer.

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