What to Do When Your AC Isn’t Blowing Cold Air

You want air conditioning tips? We got ’em. Today we’re going to discuss how to solve your air conditioner woes without calling ac repair Albuquerque and this time we’ll cover the most frustrating of all potential air conditioning matters – no cold air.

This is, of course, the entire point of having air conditioning in the home. When the temperatures reach triple digits outdoors, you can bet it’s going to get very warm and uncomfortable indoors. The way to regulate the temperature level in the home is by turning to your HVAC system and having cool air distributed throughout.

Warm Air Blowing Instead of Cold

In the event you switch on your air conditioner and discover warm air is blowing through the vents instead of the expected colder air, you could be facing a number of potential problems. Some are easier (and cheaper) to solve than others as you may have toggled the wrong switch or even set the temperature on your thermostat incorrectly.

You could be facing bigger issues that point to a restriction in your air flow or you may have equipment that has gone bad. In any event, you need to address the matter as soon as possible since you don’t want your home to heat up any quicker than it would normally should you have decided not to turn the air conditioner on at all.

Check the Temperature Setting

This is the first and possibly least expensive solution to your air blowing woes. Remember, this is all about temperature and you want to make sure you have set the temperature on your thermostat to at least five degrees below the current room temperature.

If you fail to do this you will only confuse the air conditioner and it will not be able to determine any difference between the current room temperature and the temperature you have set on the thermostat. If you want cold air to come out of your vents, bring the thermostat down so the compressor engages and starts to create cooler air.

Your System’s Air Filter

You should be changing your air filter every two to three months, this ensures that your ac system has enough air flow in order to run properly. A dirty filter won’t just prevent air flow from getting into the system but it will make the system labor much longer and harder than necessary, this could result in the system overheating and breaking down as a result.

If that occurs you could end up having to call your ac repair Albuquerque to come out and fix or even replace vital components.

The Outdoor Compressor

Your compressor is an essential component for ensuring that your ac system is working properly. Be sure you clean the unit once a year by clearing out any debris and removing any obstructions that could prevent the system from operating correctly.

If your compressor is not engaging when the system is turned on or it’s not blowing warm air during operation, your air conditioner will not work.

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