When Is The Right Time To Have Your HVAC System Inspected?

Keeping your HVAC system operating smoothly requires proper maintenance that must be done on a regular basis. But is there a “right time” to have it checked and what exactly does an inspection entail?

While just about all HVAC manufacturing companies recommend an annual inspection performed by a qualified HVAC technician, some warranties might be placed in jeopardy if you don’t have the system properly maintained. So unless the disclaimer with your new HVAC system suggests that you have it looked at every other year, it’s better to err on the side of caution and do it once a year.

Besides, having routine inspections done on your HVAC can make sure that the system is always working at peak performance and keeps the air quality in your home safe for all to breathe without the risk of potentially harmful contaminants or foul odors emanating from the ventilation.

Best Time of Year

Most consumers are going to rely on their HVAC systems in the summer and the winter, primarily for cooling and heating the home when the temperatures spike to their extremes. With that in mind, the recommended time of year to have your system inspected is sometime in the spring months, between March and May.

The springtime is the right time because it’s a precursor to the part of the year when your HVAC system will be in the highest demand.

May is when the temperatures start to rise in most parts of the country and as the thermometer outside starts approaching the 90’s, you’re undoubtedly going to want to turn on the A/C to cool things down.

As the months go by, you may be using it with more frequency well into the summer and if there are undiagnosed problems that have not yet been addressed, they could interfere with the proper operation of your unit. There’s really nothing worse than a malfunctioning or inoperative air conditioner in the dead of summer.

When the fall comes around and the temperatures start to drop, you’ll be turning your thermostat up to make that bedroom or living cozy as the nights get shorter and a chill is in the air. If you’ve had your HVAC system inspected all those months back, then you can rest assured those cold nights won’t be all that tough to bear after all.

Buying a Home

This is also a great time for having the HVAC system inspected. Unfortunately, not all homeowners understand the differences between a whole home inspection and an HVAC inspection. It’s an all too common mistake on the part of prospective buyers to allow the inspector doing the home inspection to also inspect the HVAC system.

The biggest concern with that arrangement is the likelihood that your HVAC system won’t actually receive the kind of thorough examination that is needed in order to ascertain whether there’s a problem or not. The result could be a home sale that might cost significantly more money down the line due to a faulty system that fails shortly after you move in.

That’s because the inspector of your home may just switch the HVAC unit on and off to see if it’s operational. However, that cursory glance will be the extent of the HVAC diagnosis and that’s about as useful as having no inspection whatsoever.

Dedicated technicians are trained to spot problems that anyone who lacks such training will almost definitely miss. It’s not necessarily their fault, they just haven’t been taught to check the areas where problems are most prevalent.

The difference here is critical, having someone who knows where to look and what to check for in a properly working HVAC system is a significant advantage that can ensure you’re buying a home with a system that won’t break down once you move in.  They can tell if you need an air conditioning tune-up and if other maintenance matters need to be addressed.

Your technician can alert you to any potential issues that might come up and offer you suggestions on when and how to deal with them before something major happens and you’re paying high repair bills.

If you’re looking at purchasing a home, consider hiring a trained professional to check the HVAC system. When you have the home inspector do it, the report being turned in basically admits that the HVAC system has not been thoroughly examined because that individual isn’t trained to do so.

So while it’s a great idea to have your HVAC inspected during a home purchase, you should be careful about who you have doing the work for you and their level of expertise at the task.


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