3 Tips to Make Your Home More Handicap Accessible

Many people around the globe have various kinds of physical disabilities. Thus they face many problems daily; domestic work may be in the bathroom or the kitchen as they are not as privileged as the normal people around us. So in this article, you will learn about the three crucial tips that will make your handicap accessible home suitable for any handicapped people and will not face any issues or struggles.

1.   Make Brielle signs in the restrooms

Several times those with vision disabilities face lots of struggles while in the bathrooms, leading to fatal accidents. So to avoid any kinds of accidents, you must make Braille signs in the restrooms helps them to know their bathrooms more efficiently and makes their life much easier, such as they would know the several appliances available in the bathroom. There also should be certain indicators where the soap, brush, shower, and other toiletries are available. Also, there should be indicators such as how much toothpaste, shaving cream, or soaps are left so they can keep the quantity in their mind and use them accordingly.

2.   Make the house infrastructure suitable for the wheelchairs

This is for the people whose legs are disabled and depend on a wheelchair for moving, in your house use more slopes rather than making stairs. This will help them to move themselves to different floors in your house. Only make stairs where it is necessary. Also, place carpets throughout the floors of your house to make the friction between the wheelchairs and your floors. If your floors are smooth like marble, the friction will not work, which could cause serious injury. Also, dont make your house congested, or else it will be very difficult to move the wheelchair around the house.

3.   Install ringing bells in the rooms

Installing ringing bells in the rooms are essential for those who cannot speak. In any emergency, when the other house members are asleep, they could ring their bell and make everyone aware. An electrical bell will be more efficient when connected to all other rooms as sometimes the sound of a manual ring does not reach the other house members when they are asleep.


These were some vital tips for making a disability-friendly home where they can live just like other normal people and dont face any struggles. Hope this article helped you for making a perfect home for the disabled or who are not privileged.

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