4 Factors to Consider When Looking For Pet-Friendly Carpet

We love our pets, but there’s no denying they can make a giant mess, especially when it comes to home carpet. If you take pride in your carpet, you’re not someone who wants to deal with cleaning up stains every few seconds during a puppy training period, or lining the floor with pads for an older dog or cat. Ideally, your pets should be trained not to make a mess in the house. However, mistakes do happen, and as our pets age, they’re more likely to wreak havoc on our home goods, starting with our treasured home rugs. If you’re thinking about switching your carpet selection, you can find a carpet for pet owners that is specifically tailored to blocking stains and odors from forming. Even if you’re diligent about setting up appointments for carpet cleaning Brisbane in Castle Rock, having a pet-proof carpet will help you stay stress-free, and keep your carpet looking and smelling its best no matter what your pet gets into. For some tips for finding the best pet-proof carpets on the market, keep reading.

1. Opt for Stain-Proof Material

Pets will find a way to ruin a carpet one way or another. However, with new stain-proof and stain-resistant options, they’ll have to work a lot harder to mess up the look of a brand-new carpet. Many companies have created specific pet-friendly lines that are made to counteract the discoloration and odor of pet urine stains. These rugs tend to be made of material that is tightly knit and synthetic. When liquid makes contact with a rug of this type, the fibers actually reject the liquid and allow it to pool up, making it easy to clean up in just a few wipes. These rugs will also protect your rug from taking on lingering odors like those from dog or cat urine. Since they’re made of synthetic material, they’ll be able to resist any pockets of moisture that could lead to mold or mildew growth. Many rugs will also come with pet padding to help your rug resist odor and reject stains. While certain stain-resistant rugs are made to keep rugs safe from acidic stains like wine and coffee, other offerings are made specifically to protect against pet urine and feces. While there are benefits to getting a stain-resistant rug in general, especially if you have small children as well as pets, you might want to go for a specifically pet-friendly rug if animals are your greatest concern.

2. Find Specific Pet-Proof Carpet

When it comes to pet damage, urine stains aren’t the only issues you’ll be dealing with. Since pets like to spend a lot of time on the family rug, they’ll end up transferring their odor onto your carpet and effectively “marking” their territory. On top of this, you could end up dealing with snags and scratches, especially if you have a cat who’s fond of tearing up the furniture. Because of this, you’ll most likely want to find a rug that’s made of short, tightly-woven strands rather than a longer-stranded rug made of natural fiber. If you know your cat or dog is going to have a field day with a more luxurious rug, the best thing to do is to resist temptation altogether. Getting a short-pile carpet style, such as a berber rug or a tile carpet, will help protect your rug from scarring and scratching over time. If you opt for a tile rug, you’ll even be able to replace patches of carpet that have suffered from too much pet exposure.

3. Beware of VOCs

Getting a stain-proof or pet-friendly rug is great for protecting your carpet and your animal. However, since these high-tech rugs tend to be made of synthetic material that’s specifically engineered to keep stains, odor, and scratching at bay, they could also contain a high level of volatile organic compounds or VOCs. VOCs could end up going completely unnoticed in your household, or they could end up contributing to pre-existing allergies or causing irritation and coughing. Luckily, there’s a way to avoid this. When searching for pet-friendly rugs, just make sure to check for low-VOC, green label products. This will ensure that your carpet won’t be giving off a ton of allergens and pollutants in your home.

4. Search by Concern

Different pets create different concerns. For instance, perhaps your elderly cat is okay with scratching but loves to “spray” her territory. Maybe your new puppy is potty-trained by still chews everything in sight. Know your pet before buying the right rug. If you know what you most want to avoid, you can use that information to make the right decision.

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