Backyard Projects to Tackle This Fall


With winter knocking at the door, people are making preparations to embrace the chilly winds and dry and cracked skins that come along with it. But winter is not all about cold and discomfort. It’s the beginning of the Christmas spirit and the beckoning of a new chapter in the form of a new year. Most people take up some sort of project to round up the year and fencing is one of them. For those of you who are knee-deep in work and cannot afford to maintain your home, you can search for a “fencing company near me” and hire a team of professionals who’ll take care of everything. And when you do find some spare time, here are some DIY projects you can explore during the winter.

The Projects

  1. Spring gardening– The idea of spring gardening in winter may seem counterproductive but keep reading and you will be convinced otherwise. Fall is possibly the best time to work on your gardening skills. It might be chilly outside, but nothing you cannot handle with a few warm clothes. You could work endlessly without breaking a sweat because of the cold temperature.

Moreover, gardening doesn’t always mean you have to grow plants. You can also prepare your garden for the spring and there is a lot that you can do. For instance, you can rake the dead leaves into a compost pile. You can also apply mulch to your garden beds and make them ready for the plantations.

And if your green thumb is acting all itchy, you can start planting garlic, asparagus, onions, and spring onions. They need to overwinter and are the perfect veggies you can grow during this season.

  1. Mange your firewood storage– The best way to spend a wintry evening is by sitting in front of a cozy fire. The worst way to spend the same evening is by collecting firewood from a haphazard and unprotected pile. Winter signifies the end of a year, a time in your life when you reflect on your actions throughout the year and ponder in silent contemplation. A roughly gathered pile of wood is not the way to go.

Consider building a shed or an alcove where you can properly store all your firewood, protect it from the elements and have them ready for easy access. The shed also adds aesthetic value to your backyard which is yet another way to square things off with the year.

There are lots of sheds to choose from. Decide what you want and if you’re unsure always pick a shed that is close to your house. It is recommended that you don’t place it directly adjacent to your house because the shed becomes home to various small animals during the winter, and some might try to get into your house as well.

From a design perspective, you would want ample circulation to prevent moisture buildup and molding within the woods. Also, avoid making the stack higher than 4 ft fr easy access. Some places also have local regulations on how and where you can store firewood, so make sure to check those before you start building.

  1. Fire feature– The best project you can do in the fall is to create a file feature for your home. It can either be a fire table or a full-fledged fire pit in your backyard. Fire tables are easier to manage and require a small propane tank as a fuel source. You can place it on the patio and arrange a few chairs or sofas around the table and have a splendid time with your friends and families. Table fires are quite small and do not offer much heat, so you should keep an extra set of blankets for added comfort.

If you’re looking for a more vintage setup, then consider building a firepit. It can either be fueled by gas or by wood. Either way, you need to consult a design expert to get things started. Also, fire features demand safety precautions which are always mentioned in local regulations. If you’re going forward with this, you’ll need to acquire permits that outline buildable locations, types of permitted fuels that can be used, and specific days when you can use the fireplace.

  1. Winterize lawn tools– Winterizing lawn tools will make spring lawn maintenance a lot easier. You don’t have technical knowledge for most of these things and they become extremely easy if you can follow specific instructions. For instance, start wiping all surfaces to remove debris. For large machines such as lawnmowers, change the oil, fuel, and air filter and add fuel stabilizer to gas-powered tools. Finally, store all your equipment in a dry place where it will be guarded against the mixture.
  2. Gates and fences– Gates and fences are some of the most overlooked aspects of any home. They are often taken for granted and it’s about time you looked into them. Start by surveying the fences and gates for damage and signs of weakness. If they are indeed damaged, you better start on repairs before the weather makes it even worse.

Some such as changing the locks, adding a fresh coat of paint, or replacing a single board are simple and require an hour at most. However, for other more comprehensive repairs such as changing an entire array of fences, you’re better off contacting the local professionals who specialize in the job. They are experts at assessing the degree of damage and provide a timeline by which the work will be completed.


They can even recommend repairs which might turn out to be not as worse as you imagined. Some patchwork would do the trick and the huge bill that you’re so concerned about is long gone. However, the opposite also implies that what you thought was a simple patchwork might turn out to be a major repair job. It’s always better to consult experts and if you don’t know where to find one, simply Google “fencing company near me” for tons of affordable recommendations.

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