Buying a Beach Home? Consider These 3 Questions

Are you ready to live at the beach? It offers perks. You could sip coffee and watch the sunrise, and you could enjoy long walks in the sand at any time. But this decision isn’t always straightforward. Before closing on a coastal home, you may want to consider several essential factors. Be sure to ask the following three questions.

1. Is the Beach Public or Private?

Think about where this home is located. Beach traffic varies. Some sections are heavy with people, filled with daily crowds. Other areas are more sparse, permitting more privacy and quiet. Ask your realtor about this factor, and be sure to pop by at different times of the day to see who frequents this spot. In addition, check to see if vehicles are allowed on the sand, which could increase noise, particularly on the weekends or in the evening hours.

2. Does It Offer Seclusion?

When you walk into the home, look for two things: do you have an ocean view and a place for privacy. Some homes are designed with lots of glass to maximize exposure to the ocean; however, this design could prove problematic because it minimizes your personal space. See if sunshades or shutters are included, as these could permit you to close off for a bit if you require your own time.

3. Is It Storm Ready?

Beach homes are exposed to storms, and because they are close to the ocean, they could face more destruction. It’s essential to discuss whether the property has safeguards to secure the land and structure. Ask about impact doors West Palm Beach, raised elevation and roof fortification; these design features could reduce the intense wind and rain harm.

As you look for the perfect beach home, consider several things. Understand how busy the area gets, and consider if the property itself offers you a good view as well as privacy. Then, discuss hurricane safety modifications.


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