Future Educational Infrastructure Facilities

As the fourth industrial revolution approaches, the educational system in the United States continues to lag. With students having access to an endless amount of information from anywhere on the planet, it is difficult for many students to engage in school. Rote learning has come useless in a world where Google and other resources exist to at least become somewhat familiar with any concept. While there is no conclusive evidence to support this statement, it is safe to say the student of today requires different educational facilities than the student of yesterday. These individuals have most likely read more content than older generations came across in entire lifetimes. With this said, educational construction should be endeavor reserved for those with futuristic mindsets.

Creating Updated Infrastructure

There are certainly schools across the country that have begun transforming existing facilities to accommodate students of today better. For example, West Bloomfield, MI has a high school that equips each classroom with smartboards and has turned its library into a technology center. At the same time, less fortunate areas across the country do not have the funds to support these types of initiatives. Anyone familiar with the ideas presented by Maria Montessori knows these ideas could be applicable for middle school, high school, and even collegiate education. Students chained to desks for an extended period throughout the day no longer represents the dynamic changes occurring in the real world.

Educating in the Future

When students enter an educational facility, they should not feel as if they are time traveling to the past. Social media feeds could be present in some regions of the school which provide real-time information relevant to the school district. If students are going to be adequately educated at this time, educational facilities must embrace the technological revolution that is currently taking place.

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