How To Make Your Recycling Business Greener

Starting and maintaining a recycling business is not always a green or carbon neutral process. A lot goes into separating the trash from the treasure as well as turning that treasure into workable materials. There are a couple of ways that you can improve the footprint of your recycling business however, including cleaner water, billing and energy.

Cleaner Water

Recycling, waste management and scrap processing all have to work around stormwater and runoff regulations to ensure that no contaminants get into the water supply from their businesses. Complying with the minimum requirements keeps you safe from fines and shutdowns from the government but striving for the maximum possible can help make your business greener. This means investing in quality oil water separators North Carolina technology to filter out as much as possible.

Cleaner Billing

Most business owners will not realize how much of a carbon footprint their billing processes have. When you use paperless billing for both your customers and your suppliers, you can save time, money and space over hardcopy billing. It is not always possible to go completely paperless, however, so it is important to reduce where possible.

Cleaner Energy

Many business owners are investing in renewable energy sources to replace or supplement what they pay for from coal-fired power plants. For many industrial processes, these renewables just do not produce enough power quickly enough to replace coal power completely, but by investing in solar panels you can spend less on energy in the long run. You can also look for ways to reduce your energy needs by buying more energy efficient lightbulbs, better insulating your buildings and even inspecting your windows for leaks.

Recycling itself is a good way to go green in your daily life, but the business of recycling can be a messy process with a big carbon footprint. There are some little things you can do to go greener and help your bottom line such as investing in high quality oil water separators, going paperless and reducing energy consumption.

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