Insulation Companies in Vancouver

When you are building or renovating your property, you should ensure that it has safe, effective and durable insulation that will significantly enhance the comfort, safety and thermal-efficiency of your building. However, this should always be left to professionals. Whether you want to properly insulate your new building or need to retrofit the existing building with a more efficient insulation product, there are insulation companies that can assist you.

Insulation Companies in Vancouver

If you have a building or structure that needs quality insulation in Vancouver, you will find very well-equipped insulation companies with highly-trained, skilled and experienced teams that can get any insulation job done right. They are experienced in providing topnotch insulation solutions for industrial, residential and even commercial spaces. Whether you need Vancouver spray thermal insulation experts or qualified intumescent paint contractors to attend to your building, these companies can help. They typically offer:

1. Vancouver Spray Thermal Insulation

If you want to save money on your energy costs with an environmentally-friendly insulation solution, this option will serve you best. Their spray foam insulation usually comes with a higher R-value per square inch and will increase your property’s energy-efficiency by up to 50 percent. The insulation is comprised of rigid spray-applied polyurethane foam that is made from recycled materials. It creates an air-tight envelope that helps to keep heat on the inside, making the home energy-efficient and quite comfortable.

2. Intumescent Paint

These specialists also provide industrial and commercial customers with professional application of fire-resistant intumescent paint. Their coatings are always compliant with local fire and building codes, and the paint is normally applied in a very thin coating, which also doubles as the decorative topcoat. It may be applied to the interiors of buildings like schools, hospitals, libraries, as well as exterior surfaces of airports, ships and industrial buildings. If you are looking for qualified intumescent paint contractors in Vancouver to help you apply this fire-resistant paint in or outside your building, these insulation companies can help.

3. Batt Insulation

These insulation companies also offer batt insulation, which is comprised of pre-cut sections of either rookwool or fiberglass insulation. This insulation is easy to handle and may be installed between the framing in floors and walls, and within attics, basements and ceilings. Batt insulation is typically ideal for:

a) Regulating the temperature within your space throughout the year
b) Maximizing a building’s energy-efficiency and reducing your energy costs
c) Reducing the noise transfer between different floors and rooms
d) Reducing the amount of noise that gets into your space from outside
e) Protecting your building from the damage that is caused by moisture or air

The specialists at these companies are also experienced in providing concrete lifting and void foam, air vapour barriers, fireproofing, parkade insulation, as well as monoglass insulation. All their products have been designed for efficiency, reliability and maximum durability. Moreover, they normally use very advanced equipment while providing these great services. So, whether you are looking for highly-skilled intumescent paint contractors, or need the best Vancouver spray thermal insulation experts to insulate your house, the specialists from these companies can help.

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