Tips for Painting Ceilings

The colour of your ceiling can have a great effect on the overall outlook, ambience and lighting of your house. Painting your ceiling is a great way of brightening up your house and giving your living space a sense of comfort and character. Here are some tips for painting ceilings from professional home painters in Melbourne.

Stick with a Roller

The best tool that house painters in Melbourne use to paint ceilings is a thick-nap roller that has an extension pole. Using a paintbrush can result in a messy job. The length of the extension pole needed depends on the height of the ceiling that needs painting. Quality lambswool paint rollers ensure your ceiling will have a fresh and smooth layer of paint without any bubbles or bumps.

Sand before Painting

Over time, as the layers of paint start building up, your ceiling can start getting bumpy. On an untextured ceiling, always begin with a once-over using a 180-grit sandpaper sponge This will ensure a smooth paint job and will increase paint bonding. Home painters in Melbourne usually do this with a sanding pole. When you’re done sanding, wipe your ceiling using a damp sponge to remove dust.

Use Good Ladders

A good stepladder is stable and easy to move around. The ladder should be tall enough, and your knees should be below the top of the ladder. If your ceiling isn’t very tall, you can use a 4-foot ladder, which is very easy to move using one hand.

Move Your Furniture

Relocate most of your furniture from under your ceiling and place it in a different room to avoid paint dripping on any unmoved furniture, Moving furniture might not be possible for people who have heavy pieces of furniture or those who live in a small house.In this case, drape drop cloths over your furniture to protect it from dripping paint.

Cut in Before You Roll

House painters in Melbourne always cut in before rolling. This allows them to cover the brush marks with a thick-nap roller. Brush paint along the ceiling edges. Cut in about ten linear feet, then roll this section. Using this method has some advantages when compared to cutting in the whole room at once, as the cut-in section remains wet until you roll, hence it gets blended in better.

Choose a Flat Ceiling Paint

This type of paint is different from standard wall paint. Home painters in Melbourne use flat paint because of its smooth viscosity. It also hides imperfections on ceilings. Choose the colour of paint that matches your ceiling. However, most ceilings are painted white since the colour makes rooms look bright and large. When choosing a tone of white, you should consider the particular shade of white that will go perfectly with the colours on your walls.

Lap a Cut-In Onto your walls

If you’re also planning to paint your walls, lap the paint onto your walls a bit. Some house painters in Melbourne like skipping this cut-in step and choose to save time by mashing a roller into the corner. However, this method isn’t great because it will build up excess paint in the corner and leave runs or even a thick paint line on your wall.

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