Types of Garage Doors

Although you might not think it, there are different types of garage doors, each with their own unique look. Garage doors differ in two categories, the way they open and what they are made from. If you are changing an existing door or adding a new one, you might want to look at different garage door ideas that fit the style of your house.

The Way Garage Doors Open

The way a door opens depends on the space that you have and the look of the house. You want to choose how the garage door opens before choosing a material because not all doors are suited to all materials.

Carriage House or Swing Out Doors

These doors swing open and closed much the way regular doors do. They add charm and style to your home but are not always practical because you need a good deal of room for them to open and close. You can have a single large door that swings open or double doors that do.

Roll-Up Doors

Roll-up doors are by far the most common type of door. They are versatile, and although they don’t really roll, they are segmented to move easily along their track. Your garage would need to meet the height requirement for this type of door.  The doors themselves are not. They are relatively easy to install and fit with just about any style of home.

Swing-Up Doors

These doors swing up along a track. They are very similar to roll up doors but do not have the segments like the roll-up kind. You do need enough clearance for the door to be able to swing up as one piece.

There is a type of swing-up door that swings all the way up then slides back onto a track. This type still needs some clearance to get past the ceiling’s edge to slide back without scraping the house.

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors slide horizontally. Like carriage house doors, these require more room than other types. To slide, they have to have somewhere to slide to. In the sliding door category, there are also accordion doors. Much like older style closet doors, these fold in on themselves to allow the garage to open. Unfortunately, the accordion doors require larger garage door openings to house the doors when they are open.

Materials for Garage Doors

Garage doors come in many different materials. Sometimes like in the case of roll-up doors, the material matches the type of door. Most roll-up doors are made from aluminum or vinyl. This makes it more flexible and easier to roll. Carriage style doors are most often made out of wood or at least have a wood look. Sliding doors can be made from vinyl, metal or glass. Swing-up doors are normally made from aluminum, although more vinyl ones are showing up on the market.

No matter which type of door you choose, make sure that it matches your home’s architectural style. Since most garages sit in the front of the home, the type of door you use will make an impression when someone first pulls in the driveway. You want that impression to be a favorable one.

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