A Guide to Keeping Your Gas Fireplace Safe

Gas fireplaces are safer compared to wood-burning fireplaces, as there’s no smoke, no soot, no sparks and no matches. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be aware of the basic safety precautions. If you own natural gas heaters or LPG gas heaters, you should know about the potential hazards of gas fireplaces. A gas fireplace is a comfortable and cosy heat source, especially during the winter months, but it’s important to maintain your heater and use it safely. Read on for some excellent safety tips for your gas fireplace in Melbourne

Use Safety Screens

It’s possible to have a gas fireplace with a tempered glass window that ensures the flames are always visible. Despite the fact that this glass can withstand high temperatures, it can become excessively hot. With such heat, the risk of getting burnt is higher, especially for children. This is why safety screens are very important when it comes to gas fireplace safety. Most LPG gas heaters and natural gas heaters come with attachable safety screens as a safety feature.

Take Caution When Cleaning

Just like any other appliance in your home, a fireplace has to be cleaned, and with a gas fireplace, the glass window requires regular cleaning. You might have been issued with a manufacturer’s guide on how to do this. For example, it’s advised that you should never clean the glass using a damp cloth, especially if the glass is still hot.

Be Wary of Flammable Materials

One of the main reasons why people choose a gas fireplace in Melbourne is because they don’t produce red-hot sparks. However, this doesn’t mean the fire place can’t still be hazardous. During use, the glass, ceramic and metal materials can get extremely hot, and some materials can burn if left too close to the fireplace. That is why you should always leave some space between the gas fireplace and any flammable materials such as décor, furniture, curtains and other household items. When it comes to decorating the area around the fireplace, always be careful to leave sufficient space.

 Choose the Right Sized Heater

When it comes to choosing a fireplace for your home, there are so many things you should consider, and one of them is the size of the fireplace compared to your home. While larger heaters are attractive, a high-output fireplace in a small room can cause a lot of discomfort. You should also consider your home’s layout, air-tightness, insulation and any other sources of heat when making a decision about the right size for your heater.

Monitor Carbon Monoxide

Gas fireplaces are no exception when it comes to the production of carbon monoxide. This is a dangerous gas that can put a home’s occupants at risk, especially if they’re not aware of a carbon monoxide leakage. For your safety, it’s important to install carbon monoxide detectors and monitor the readings over time.

Carry Our Regular Servicing and Maintenance

Gas fireplaces are energy efficient, safe and cosy, but they require regular servicing to remain this way. Servicing will ensure that they’re running safely and efficiently at all times. For a gas fireplace in Melbourne, you can get professionals to carry out maintenance regularly.

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