Quaint Cottage Style

You want your home to be many things: elegant yet cozy, relaxed yet stylish. For a classy inviting home, turn to the traditional English country cottage for inspiration. Start with architectural details like a steeply sloped roof, exposed ceiling beams and wainscoting. Then transform the interior with just a few charming elements.

Proper Flooring

The foundation of any beautiful home is a beautiful floor. For English cottage décor, that means quality genuine hardwood. Check out the selection of Provenza heirloom colors and finishes, from the light Ashford to the rich multihued Oxford to the warm greys of the Dover and York selections. All are hand scraped and distressed for a warm, well-loved look. A cured oil finish protects the flooring from harmful UV rays, ensuring the floor’s beauty will last for years to come.

Neutral, Natural Colors

White kitchen cabinets and window shutters are basics of classic English country style. Walls, cabinets and large furniture pieces look best in white, light beige, cream or eggshell. Textured fabrics from tweed to chintz to damask add interest, softened with pleats and ruffles. Pops of color are introduced in curtains, countertops, pillows and artwork. Choose muted tones found in an English countryside—green, yellow, pink and shades of blue.

Whimsical Touches

Unlike stark modern decorating schemes or minimalist approaches, English cottages are layered with delightful details like patterned wallpaper, lace curtains and area rugs. Small floral prints look lovely juxtaposed with plaids or stripes. Chairs are covered with tufted upholstery, then accented with fringed throw blankets. Decorations are simple and homey, never fussy; such as collections of vintage cameras, handmade pottery and treasured family snapshots.

Garden Influences

Indoor décor often includes elements of picturesque English gardens. Potted houseplants populate deep windowsills, and simple sprays of cut flowers grace kitchen and dining tables. Bathrooms and other small spaces are home to dried bouquets and ceramic potpourri dishes.

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