What Does It Take To Build Up A Deck

The construction of wooden decks is an important investment for a family. From the definition of needs to the choice of the entrepreneur, the project must be carefully considered.

Realize specifications before the construction of a deck

Before taking any other step, contact the town hall to find out the communal prescriptions for urban planning. Some municipalities have a specific regulation for the materials or the color of the decks. You can also request the Council of Architecture, Urbanism and Environment of your department. A missioner architect will ensure the correct compliance of your project (adapted walls, quality of the soil, optimal orientation).

From then on, you will be better able to define the perimeter of the project: what will serve the deck? Space to occupy all year? A summer annex? Depending on the envisaged conveniences, the total area, and thus the final cost, will not be identicalporch model. There are PVC, aluminum, wood and wrought iron. To choose the best of the lot, the Contractors Directory comes to a lot of use.

Floor coverings, types of roofing or glazing systems are just as numerous. This is why the installation of a deck is a delicate operation that requires the intervention of a specialist.

Choosing the right professional for building a deck

Deck builders fall into three categories: carpenters, deck specialists and industrial manufacturers.

The artisanal option is the assurance of personalized support but usually involves significant costs. Conversely, manufacturers offer smaller models of conservatories at attractive prices.

Civil Code and the Insurance Code

Finally, before you commit to a professional, have several quotes. Once the installation of the deck is complete, the service provider will give you a report of the reception of the works, as well as maintenance bookletto periodically check certain elements (waterproofing, roofing, chassis).

Which material to choose for your porch?

Depending on the style of your house, the space you have available and the budget you want to spend on your deck, you have a choice of different materials.

A wooden deck

Wood is a noble material that you can choose for your conservatory if you are looking for a warm atmosphere and an aesthetic side. It has the advantage of integrating well with all house styles, from the most contemporary to the most classic. Wood is also a material that lasts in time and ages well if you treat it regularly. This obligatory maintenance, if you want to keep the beauty of the wood, is its main disadvantage, with its price which gives in the end a rather expensive deck.

PVC conservatory

PVC is the most common material for a deck because it is the least expensive. On the other hand, unlike wood, PVC requires no special maintenance except washing with simple soapy water. A PVC deck also has the advantage of being well insulated, especially if it is equipped in addition to a double glazing. PVC does not allow, however, style effects. A deck built in this material will indeed be white because PVC cannot be painted. Finally, PVC ages badly.

An aluminum deck

The aluminum deck is considered the most interesting in terms of quality / price. First, this material fits perfectly to all home styles. Then she does not require any maintenance. Only cleaning with soapy water is required from time to time. Aluminum is also not susceptible to corrosion. Finally, because of its lightness, aluminum can build large decks with very different shapes. The only drawback of this material may be its poor insulation, especially for entry-level aluminum decks.

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