3 Digging Safety Tips

Underground utility lines can pose a safety hazard or result in loss of utility service if damaged. Whenever you are doing a project that involves digging, you should be sure to observe these three digging safety tips.

1. Call 811

811 is the national “call before you dig” hotline. Anytime you are planning to dig, you should call this number first or visit your state’s 811 website. You can request to have the approximate locations of the utility lines on your property marked so that you can avoid accidentally damaging them while digging.

It may take a few days for utility companies to respond to your request, but you should wait for them to mark the lines before you begin your project. Soil erosion or tree roots can cause utility lines to shift over time, so even if you have had your lines marked previously, you should have it done again before starting a new project.

2. Use a Utility Locator Service

Utility companies are required by state law to mark the approximate location of utility lines for you, but some projects may require more precision to be completed safely. Professional services are available for locating underground utility lines Festus MO, which can provide you with the precise location of your utility lines without damaging them.

3. You Do Not Have To Have Your Whole Yard Marked

If you will be digging in a small portion of your yard and do not want the lines marked for your entire property, you can mark the area you will be working in with white paint or flags. Let the 811 operator you speak with know that you only want the portion of your property you have outlined marked by the utility companies.

Any time you will be digging on your property, you need to call 811 and take precautions to avoid damaging utility lines. Failure to follow safety precautions can result in injuries or even death.

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