3 Great Curb Appeal Tips That Enhance a Commercial Property

Wondering how you can set your business apart from the competition? Boosting the curb appeal of your commercial space is an excellent way to attract positive attention from new and existing customers alike. Here are three effective commercial curb appeal upgrades that enhance the shopping experience for your customers.

1. Repair the Roof

One of the first features people about a building, whether commercial or residential, is the condition of the roof. An old roof in disrepair not only makes your business look unprofessional, but it also poses a hazard to your customers, employees and even to your inventory. When an entire replacement is needed, contact the experts to install a new commercial roof St Louis.

2. Maintain Paved Areas

The paved surfaces around your business, including parking areas and all walkways, have a significant impact on curb appeal, and they affect how customers are able to navigate your property safely. It’s helpful to take a weekly survey of these areas and remove debris as needed. Also take note of the condition of the pavement – make patches and repairs where you can, but hire the experts when significant repairs are necessary.

3. Add Landscaping

Landscaping softens the look of even the coldest commercial property, but not every business has a dedicated area of greenspace to maintain. Luckily, you can add charming landscaping to your business by installing planter boxes near your main entry. Fill planters with a variety of vegetation to suit the hardiness zone of your area. Ferns and evergreens work well for adding greenery, and some blooming annuals or perennials are easy to care for and provide a cheerful pop of color to brighten your customers’ day.

You know that customers have a choice regarding where to shop. Make sure that they choose your business by completing a curb appeal update using the steps above.

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