3 Great Ways To Make Your Home a Favorite Staycation Destination

Want to ensure that your family never gets bored, even when everyone’s stuck at home? If you want to turn your home into your family’s favorite staycation destination, here are three things you shouldn’t hesitate to do.

1. Install a Pool

Nothing says backyard entertainment quite like a swimming pool, and if you’re aiming to make your backyard exciting for the whole family, you need to go for the in-ground option. You’re better able to customize an in-ground pool as opposed to an above-ground one. Add options like a waterslide, diving board and maybe even an adjoining hot tub to make the space fun for everyone.

2. Create an Outdoor Lounge Space

Who doesn’t love a comfortable space to relax and enjoy the great outdoors? Extend your living space outdoors by creating a comfortable space for your family to gather together and hang out. Use your existing deck or patio as the foundation of this space, and fill the area with comfortable outdoor furniture and accessories. To add some privacy to this area, install Corten steel gates and screens to create a division of space and add some visual interest.

3. Build a Fire Pit

Bring the fun of a cozy campfire to your backyard by building a simple fire pit from masonry pavers. Align them in a ring and fill the interior with pea gravel. You could also choose to purchase a pre-made fire pit that runs on natural gas, but the effect is much less rustic. The old-fashioned route may require a little extra work, but the results come much closer to giving your family that true campground experience.

With these backyard upgrades, your family will feel as if they’re on vacation any day of the week. You’ll create the ideal staycation destination that will become the perfect setting for many years of family fun.

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