3 Reasons To Choose Custom Carpeting

When you want your living space to be unique and represent your personality and tastes, choosing or creating custom decor can be the perfect solution. Here are three reasons to choose custom carpeting.

1. Matching Decor

Custom rugs can be the perfect option to start decorating your living space with. Because the floor is the foundation of any room, the floor coverings you choose will define how you decorate the rest of the room. Once you choose your flooring, then you can decide what furnishings will go best with it and choose the most complementary pieces and materials to go with it.

2. Handmade and Eco-Friendly Items

If you choose to decorate with custom carpeting or rugs, you have the freedom to seek out handmade and eco-friendly items. By choosing a handmade product, you’ll have a more direct connection to the maker, so you’ll better understand the philosophy and methods that went into making your rug. This also means you can be more sure what materials went into your rug and whether the production of the material and rug were environmentally friendly. You’ll be supporting small businesses and local economies.

3. Giving Small Spaces Personality

Carpeting and rugs by design don’t take up much space. They’re meant to lie flat on the floor, providing cushioning and warmth. One of the great benefits of customizing your carpeting is that you can add personality to small spaces. Choose a carpet color or pattern you really like and use fabric that you find aesthetically or texturally pleasing. If you prefer a rug to a wall-to-wall carpet, you have even more freedom in the ability to change your rug as you please to keep the room’s decor fresh.

Customizing a rug can be a wonderful way to ensure a rug matches your other decor or to base future decor choices around.

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